Buying Poe Currency FAQ

Path Of Exile / Resolution Center Date: Nov/14/19 14:28:13 Views: 3022

Eznpc has been focusing on Poe Currency for more than five years. Here you can find Path of exile FAQ. Hope those FAQ can help you.

Q: Have Currency Stock Now?
A: We have large stock of Currency Except for the first 2 days of the new League.

Q: How Long can i got currency?
A: 99% Orders Completed Within 10 Mins

Q: How to Trade Poe Currency?
A: We Trade Currency use face to face in-game hideout

Q: I have not hideout how to trade?
A: you can go Lioneye's Watch of ACT-1. if our gamers find you not have hideout will go ACT-1 trade for you.

Q: Is Buying Poe currency from eznpc safe?
A: yes. In the past five years, we have not had a customer who is insecure because of the purchase of Currency on Eznpc. All the currencies we sell are from real players in the game.

Q: Is Eznpc legit?
A: In short, yes. Eznpc is legit.

Q: Why i can not get Currency?
A: You may gave the wrong Character Name or Select Error Servers. our Gamer can't find you in the game. You can check the email address and we will send you a confirmation email. More informtion go

Q: Do you have a POE Currency discount?
A: If you are eznpc member you can enjoy 1% ~ 5% discount. you can also use Coupon "EZNPC" enjoy other 5% off!

Q: If Refund Order how long can be completed?
A: If the order is not disputed, we will refund money within 24 hours.