Ways to Trade Cool Weapons and Items to your good friends

Borderlands 3 / Products Date: Mar/17/20 16:15:26 Views: 1030

On the list of fresh items about Borderlands 3 is the potential to present weapons which you uncover to close friends. Say you discover a cool BL3 Weapon, but it isn't excellent for the character. You can always give it to a buddy who can use it. Gifting in Borderlands 3 can also be reasonably effortless to complete, and it truly is all carried out by way of the mail program in the game.

If you have, but to find out the mail technique, you could find it in the social menu solution when pausing the game. This is exactly where you got any of your pre-order bonuses, VIP weapons, and so forth. When within the primary menus, you are going to see all of your mail items around the left-hand side with the screen.

You don't just have an inbox for the mail, but you may have an outgoing mail function too precisely where you can send mail. That is accomplished by pressing the X Button (Xbox) or the Square Button (PlayStation). Opening the send mail choice will then commence your backpack, from which you can opt for any weapon to send to a buddy.

As soon as you have gifted a weapon or item to a pal, it can't be returned to you, so decide on very carefully which guns you desire to send to buddies. Players do have to be on your friends' list to have the alternative to send them the item.

For the getting player, they could claim the gun that you've sent them by going into the mail inbox, where they will see a message saying that you've gifted them the item or weapon.