Path of Exile Currency Tips - Exalted Orb

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Poe Exalted Orb is a currency item that can be used to enhance a piece of the rare Item with less than six affixes can gain an additional affix with an Exalted Orb for equipment with a new random change various aspects of the entity they are affecting. Most commonly modifiers apply stats; however, they can also apply buffs or grant skills and can often be found on items, monsters, strongboxes, or areas. A modifier should seen as an instance of change used to an entity. An essential modifier does nothing on its own, and it is given the effect by the associated stats (and their values), buffs, and skills. Here Eznpc Share how to get Exalted orb in-game.

1. Drop from game
Exalted Orb is an infrequent currency item that can be dropped by slain monsters, chests, and destructible containers.

2. Vendor recipe
Identified, a full rare set of either all Shaper items or Elder items -> 2 x Exalted Shards
Unidentified, complete Rare set of either all Shaper items or Elder items -> 4 x Exalted Shards
20 x Exalted Shards -> 1 x Exalted Orb

3. Exchange with Mirror of Kalandra
We think no one uses this! This just a joke.

4. Farming Exalted Orb Divination Card
5x Abandoned Wealth -> 3x Exalted Orb.
Drop Areas:
- Arsenal Map
- Precinct Map
- Mao Kun Mao Kun

7x Alluring Bounty -> 10x Exalted Orb
Drop Areas:
- The Apex of Sacrifice
- The Alluring Abyss.
- The Apex of Sacrifice is an end-game area where the battle with Atziri, Queen of the Vaal, takes place. The Alluring Abyss is an end-game area where the fight with Atziri, Queen of the Vaal, takes place.

12x The Hoarder -> 1x Exalted Orb
Drop Areas:
- The Belly of the Beast Level 1(Act 4)
- The Belly of the Beast Level 2(Act 4)
- The Harvest (Act 4) • The Rotting Core(Act 9)
- Vault Map

10x The Saint’s Treasure -> 2x Exalted Orb
Drop Areas:
- The Slums(Act 3)
- The Marketplace(Act 3)
- The Imperial Fields(Act 8)
- The Grain Gate(Act 8)
- Alleyways Map
- Arcade Map
- Arsenal Map
- Bazaar Map
- Ghetto Map
- Port Map
- Precinct Map

5. Buy From Eznpc
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6. Currency flipping
Currency flipping is very useful when you do not want to craft gear on your own and buy everything from other players. If you think that in the late game, you will do some pieces of equipment on your own, I recommend saving your currency instead of flipping it.

7. Farming Exalted Orb
Farm white --> yellow ---> red maps. Upgrade and invest smartly in our character along the way. Take all your ascendencies. Complete your atlas. This is important. For farming, just roll magic maps up till t10. Anything above that alc and goes.
Trade. Trade is rough on newbies, even more so on std. New leagues are always best. Set up trade tab or trade shop and sell shit. Read up on meta items to know how to price or know what to collect and sell.
Pick an endgame boss to farm occasionally. Go barrage on Atziri, smash Vinktars square with TS.
Convert excess currency to chaos and then to exalts. Save a pool of money for your own activities tho. i.e., rolling maps, strongboxes.