Path of Exile 3.9 Watchstones FAQ

Path Of Exile / Products Date: Nov/26/19 14:03:08 Views: 3384

As part of the Conquerors of your Atlas expansion, the Path of exile doing a complete assessment of Bow skills as well as other mechanics that influence Bow balance. Ranged Attack Totems have already been under-utilized for any even though, and Poe created some significant changes to their core mechanics as well as adding some fascinating new skills which are one of a kind for the archetype. Here Eznpc Shares the queries relating to Watchstones.


Q: Is Watchstones tradable?
A: No, they're quest items, and as such, can't be traded. Though, that said, there might be a unique set of Watchstones that can Trade.

Q: Do these Watchstones do anything or are they "+# to map tiers in this region? Like, do they give various mods, increase the likelihood of certain mods or anything along those lines?
A: In addition to increasing the map tiers of maps within a region, Watchstones also reveal previously hidden Maps within that region. For example, socketing a Watchstone may show a hidden Shore Map that you already couldn't see. Those maps will remain revealed for as long as the Watchstone is socketed. As for whether there are Watchstones that add modifiers, you'll have to wait and see!

Q: Do the Watchstones have affixes they can roll?
A: Most Watchstones won't be able to roll any modifiers, but there are some special Watchstones that we'll talk about more at a later time.

Q: Can Watchstones be obtained in any order, or are some of them expected to received earlier or later than others?
A: Players will likely find their Watchstones in varying orders, though, given that most of them do the same thing, there's not much harm in this.

Q: How is the "unique" Watchstone mentioned by Neon in the Q&A session different from the others?
A: That one will do the same thing that other Watchstones do (increase tier of maps within a region and reveal Maps), but it will also do a little bit more. More information on that to come later!