Earn Poe Currency By Flipping

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So what do you do in the event you currently have the correct level of Poe Currency? The identical factor, go to POE Ninja, locate items that have affordable self-assurance in selling, obtain these items for affordable, then sell them. POE NINJA Will tell you almost everything you'll need to get. It has all the gear listed, maps, cards, weapons, flask. You want to invest in anything.

1.Flipping Divination Cards
As you get more chaos to keep investing in Divination cards, go on POE ninja, look at what the cards give you, and look at what the items sell. When you start getting into flipping a lot of money is going to come from buying Div cards turning them in, and then selling the ITEMS, it gives you.
- That is an extremely time-consuming endeavor. You might be better off the farming glacier. Use it only as a way of getting yourself out of crushing poverty.
- Shoot for cards that give you a unique item - Uniques with higher stats will turn a more significant profit.
- Go for Cards with low stacks - Three "Samurai's Eye"s needed for a complete stack. 12 "The Queen"s required for the entire pile. Shoot for the lower ones and save time.

2.Flipping Currency
You can do this no matter how rich or poor you are. I'd recommend having at least 100c to start this off. Profit margins are slim, but it will be more lucrative, the more currency you have. Let's say we're flipping chromatic orb (not taking into consideration the current exchange rate):
- List single chaos in a premium tab, set the price as 700/100 [Chromatic Orb], and purchase (Buy Order)
- List a single chromatic orb in a premium tab, set the price as 100/600 [Chaos Orb], and sell (Sell Order)
- Profit of 100 Chromatic Orbs per trade

3.Flipping Currency - Exploiting Vendor Recipe
Nessa in Act 1 sells an Orb of Alteration for 4 Orbs of Augmentation. Alt orbs go for 4:1 on the market, which means aug orbs should go for 16:1. However, if you check the currency market on the trade website, you need at least 25 hugs to buy chaos. We can exploit this gap to make money:
- List single chaos in the premium tab set the price as 25/1 x Orb of Augmentation, and purchase
- Take all the purchased aug orbs and buy alt orbs from Nessa
- List a single alt orb in the premium tab, set the price as 1/4 Chaos Orb, and sell
- Profit of ~9 Augs, or 2 Alts, or 0.5 chaos per trade
But of course, no one wants to go through all this trouble for 0.5c profit. So buy and sell in bulk! I usually set the buy order at 1250/50 or 3500/100, and the sell order at 100/400, or 100/410~420 for a faster sale. Alt orbs are high in demand so that it will sell in no time. This is a pretty stable way of making dozens of chaos orbs with seconds of investment.