Best Path of Exile Loot Filters And Sounds

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Grinding Gear Games has implemented item filters in the PoE UI, so players can customize how the game client displays items on the ground. This feature can shorten the time required to find useful/valuable items in the game. For those who have no programming or website development experience, the code for the project filter may look complicated. However, the information provided here will open the door for you so that you (the player) can understand how the item filter works. The default loot filter is "OK," which is loaded into the game by default. But it has its main flaws. It will not highlight certain essential item types for you. It also does not place unique patterns or sounds on league-specific items or other drops. It is suitable for most casual players, but many people eventually want to switch to more professional games.

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NO.1 How to install custom loot filters and sounds
Since PoE's Delve League, the game has packaged a set of default template loot filters, and now you have to replace them one-to-one.
On average, most "Road of Exile" custom game sound effects packs will come with 8-10 sounds and a filter file to activate these sounds.
This is the folder where you want to put loot filters and sounds: /Documents/My Games/Path of Exile

However, just putting in a sound file and calling it every day is not enough. The loot filter you are using will need to trigger these custom sounds and take advantage of them. You can easily set it up in FilterBlade.

NO.2 Neversink's looting filter

the most commonly used looting filter for many POE players. Neversink provides various options for the strictness of the filter, and more speed-oriented players want to choose a stricter filter. If you are a new player, you can also choose to upgrade.
Download link:

NO.3 FilterBlade is another option for custom filters.

It uses the Neversink filter to provide a lot of customization and sharing options for players who want to get their unique feel. It also has various strictness settings that determine how much loot is filtered out. Racers usually choose stringent filters.
Download link:

NO.4 Greengrove's Loot filter
Download link:

a very stylish Loot filter with a variety of cosmetic options. It has multiple color schemes such as Amethyst, Atlantistite, Bearstone, Jade, Zoisite, and Game Like, each of which provides its unique appearance. The filter items are more general and show a wide range of items. This latest version is tailored for endgame games and farms.

NO.5 StupidFatHobbit's loot filter

experienced players, racers, etc. may want to check it out here. This strictly restricted filter is designed to filter out most trash and other stolen goods, only showing the most valuable droplets and Poe currency.
Download link:

NO.6 FilterBlast is another right choice because it has more options as a basis.

Loot filter for Exile Path 3.12. This makes it very easy to customize many different filters from different authors. There is no "right" choice here. Just choose the one that suits you. With FilterBlast, you can view and apply the changes very quickly.
Download link:

Face reality, to find the perfect sound and loot filter, you will have to dig through dozens of different options, and it only takes a lot of time. This is why we went from worst case to best case and tested dozens (or even hundreds) of different PoE loot filter sounds. We are always ready to introduce you to the top 5 picks of this year.

NO.7 Shaper voice line plunder filter sound

If you are tired of using the new loot filter sound every time you exchange and lose your drops and currency as a result, then this loot filter will take you seriously. Thanks to the voice line of the shaper, this loot filter can tell you what currency is dropped, as well as the stylish and non-intrusive sound of some other valuable items
Download link:

NO.8 RaizQT loot filter sound pack

If you follow the top streamers of The Path of Exile, you may have already met RaizQT. He is one of the biggest streamers in the game space and has accumulated many followers. Therefore, it is not surprising that the community created a complete sound package around his offer and reaction to Di. Great!
Download link:

NO.9 Isaac custom loot filter sound binding

If you are looking for a clean but colorful Poe Loot filter sound pack, this pack will utilize the clips in the Isaac bindings to add fun to your game and help you move on in a non-intrusive way, but Noteworthy way.
Download link:

NO.10 Pro Skater sound pack by Tony Hawk

If you owned a game console when you were a kid, you might be familiar with Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, a game that almost every child has played at some point or caught the attention of others. Surprisingly, the spliced ​​sound pack in the game is very suitable for "Road of Exile."
Download link:

NO.11 StarCraft 2 Terran Trophy Screening Sound Pack

There is another very nostalgic entry in our list – we have a StarCraft 2 Terran SFX loot filter sound pack. The sound comes from various units and expands with the value of the project. For example, noble spheres will make a nuke sound, and chaotic spheres will get Firebat.
Download link: