Base tips for How to make PoE currency

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The Poe currency system in Path of Exile revolves around various spheres and scrolls. Each currency item performs a specific function in the production and enhancement of the character’s equipment or in the case of regrettable orbs that allow the reconstruction of the character's passive skill tree. How to obtain enough Currency is always a fundamental problem for the completion of POE! Here, EZNPC shares with players tips on how to make currency bases. I hope to help you.

use FilterBlade Loot filter Items

The loot filter is one of the most important things. I recommend FilterBlade. There are 5-6 different categories, and every time you drill down, it will show fewer items. The last two types I used only show that high-value currency because, at the end of the mapping, you will spend more time picking up items on the ground instead of destroying things and trying to find sublime spheres and the like. that.
I will not pick up every rare item. The only bizarre thing I picked was on the 16-layer map, where 86 item levels appeared, and the higher the item level, the better its statistics.

I will not do a lot of sluggish transactions. In the poe, time is money. On the first day or the second day of the league, I placed at least 1 Chaos Ball item, but in the latter part of the League, when I was drawing the map, I did not go back to make a low-chaos trade because I thought it was not worth my time. Because every transaction takes a certain amount of time, I would rather spend time killing many monsters than those low-chassis transactions. Therefore, I suggest that you make a drawing forever and only hide it while waiting for your large transaction.

Play Path of Exile
In the first week of the last league, I made about 10-20 worship balls. I think the key is your experience. For example, crafting is a great way to earn currency, but if you don’t know what basis to use, what statistics to look for, how to check Poe ninja, the current metadata, and what items should be made, then you can difficult.
The basic rule is to play games To make Poe Currency. At the beginning of the league, I played all night, and then I tried to fight for the most currency and the best drawdown. Growing a Humility card for Tabula is an easy way to make money. Still, I prefer just drawing because the water droplets I get are higher than the card's value, and then I can use the currency obtained from the drawing to buy Tabula.

The efficiency of Clear maps
The longer you stay in the hideout, the lower the efficiency. After finishing the map, I have a quad tab, and I throw everything into that tab and run the next Map. I won't have any interruption in the mapping. I try as fast as possible and try to get the most profit from it. Each map usually takes 2-3 minutes. Once I have completed enough Maps, I will sort out the contents of my storage tags. I will not spend a lot of time standing in the hidden area, because if you want to pick up each item in the map, you will spend a lot of time trying to pick up the item, return to the hidden area, sort everything, and sell some Items. Therefore, this means that each map will take you 10-15 minutes, which is not efficient.