Eznpc Poe Currency Refund Money Strategy

Path Of Exile / Payments Date: Nov/12/19 14:13:42 Views: 1746


Eznpc always Reasontees the safety of purchase Poe Currency. Customer-oriented is the custom of our refund strategy to create a safe shopping environment. Below we will detail our refund strategy.

1. Purchased items are not Delivery
Customers can request a full refund at any time before Your order completed. We will complete the Refund within 12 hours.

2. Partially completed delivery
Customers can request a refund for an uncompleted order at any time. If the parties do not dispute the refund amount, the Refund completed within 12 hours. If the Refund disputed, a value assessment of the shipment will be required. We will discuss the refund amount by email or Livechat. If the refund amount is confirmed, we will complete the Refund within 24 hours.

3. Completed Order, have trading problem
If there is a transaction quantity, quality problem, or a promise that we have not done so, please send a refund reason, order number to service@eznpc.com. We will evaluate the Reason, and if the responsibility is confirmed, we will be Send refund within 24 Hours. If the full Refund is not possible, we will send you the refund amount and the Reason for the Refund to your email address.

4. Completed Order, have service problem
If you are not satisfied with the service during the order transaction, you can send the Reason for the Refund, order number (EZPCxxxxxxx) to service@eznpc.com. We will review your refund request. If approved, we will refund within 36 hours.