Which is the best Upcoming action role-playing game 2021?

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Anyone who loves action role-playing games can look forward to a bright future. By 2022, possible hacking and killing incidents may be discovered regularly. For Diablo only, Diablo 4, Diablo II: Resurrected, and Diablo Immortality will soon have three different monster butchers in the sanctuary. But the world of action RPG has far surpassed Diablo. To better understand which of the upcoming Hack & Slays is best for you, Eznpc have made a comparison in this article and summarized the known information about the most exciting representatives of the genre. Here, we explain in detail what makes these PC games unique.



Game Classes Subclasses Game world Mechanics Payment model
Diablo 4 5 None Open & Shared World Attributes & skill tree Purchase price & in-game shop
Diablo 2: Resurrected 7 None Closed areas Attributes & multiple skill trees Purchase price
Path of Exile 2 7 38 Closed areas & social hubs Passive skill tree & gems for skills Free2Play & in-game shop
Lost Ark 4 12 Multiple open MMO continents Individual skills are upgraded Free2Play & in-game shop
Last Epoch 5 15 Closed areas Multiple skill trees for passive and active skills Purchase price (more expensive in Early Access)

NO.1 Path of Exile 2
: 2021 | Developer: GGG | Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One


PoE 2 will not be a completely independent game but a docking with its predecessor. Therefore, the choice of categories will not change but will expand. In Road to Exile, you decide to choose one of the six introductory courses at the beginning (the seventh basic course can be unlocked later). These introductory classes only define your starting point as a huge skill tree. You are free to determine the actual ability. However, later, the Ascendancy subclass will be unlocked. There are 19 in total. Path of Exile 2 further expands the choice of 19 sub-categories. The RPG thus provides an incredible 38 character class.
Gameworld: The game world of Path of Exile is as frustrating as Diablo. As exiles, we are exiled and fight for the survival of the undead, go, or herders. The story begins 20 years after the first part and provides seven new behaviors and regions. Divide the area into smaller hubs in turn. You can also meet other players, but only in peaceful urban regions.
Mechanism: Diablo 3 is relatively shallow, but PoE chose another direction. There is a huge skill tree here, and you can unlock passive skills after leveling up. In theory, every class can learn all skills, making PoE one of the most open role systems in all systems. This also includes projects. To discover active skills, you must place skill gems in the appropriate slots.
Paid mode: Path of Exile 2 is a pervasive game, but it is a free update of Path of Exile 1. Therefore, the game can still be played for free. You can only spend in the in-game store. Here, you can buy many cosmetics, such as clothing, ability effects, footprints, and Poe Currency. As a convenience feature, you can purchase additional chest space.

NO.2 Diablo 4
Release: 2022 | Developer: Blizzard | Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch

Diablo 4 relies on five different categories to release, a typical representative of the series. So far, barbarians, witches, druids, and huntresses have been announced. When the barbarian roared in melee, the witch kept her distance. Druids can become animals and summon them to accompany them. The hunter plays the role of a classic skill class, mastering close-range and long-range combat. After this release, there will likely be extensions to add new classes.
Gameworld: Diablo will get an open world for the first time in the fourth part. You can play the depressing game world sanctuary without limit and use horses for it. Besides, Diablo 4 relies on a shared world. Therefore, it is not a purebred MMO, but you can also meet other players in the open game world, fight them or defeat the bosses in the world.
Mechanism: Initially, Diablo 4 seemed more straightforward, but developers are now used to it. There are also some individual attributes, which can be improved separately. Each feature has different advantages in each class. Besides, each type has its skill tree in which we can release active and passive skills. When it comes to items, unique items will return, while fixed items tend to take a back seat.
Paid model: Diablo 4 is usually sold at the total price. However, the exact price is not yet known. There will also be an in-game store. Don't worry, and this will not be a substantial auction house. However, you can buy cosmetics such as hero and horse skins with real money.

NO.3 Diablo II: Resurrected
Release: 2021 | Developer: Blizzard | Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch

Blizzard will not open a new class for the makeover of this classic Hack & Slay game. Developers want to get themselves as close to the template as possible. However, the resurrection appeared directly with the Lord of Destruction. This is why you have seven classes in total: Amazon, Assassin, Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Paladin, and Witch. From long-range fighters to transfigures to minion overlords, everything is available.
Gameworld: Diablo 2 makes all the content surpass the version at that time. Therefore, the four levels in a dungeon have become four large areas with multiple dungeons and auxiliary tasks. Through expansion, you can play in a total of five areas where different monsters are prepared. (Optional) You can have up to seven friends in a multiplayer game.
Mechanism: Diablo 2 provides a more complex skill system than its successors. Each class has three talent trees, and you can upgrade each skill multiple times. The trick is not to waste attributes or skills that you don't need to build. Therefore, planning is essential. Besides, you can always get new items with different quality levels and gems, rune words, or amulets that can be equipped for heroes.
Payment mode: Diablo II: Resurrected costs 40 euros for the distribution. The new version of this classic version does not have an in-game store.

NO.4 Lost Ark
Release: 2021 | Developer: Smilegate | Platform: PC

In Lost Ark, you choose one of the four basic classes from the beginning, but you can personalize them later in the game. Therefore, first, you have to choose between warrior, magician, warrior, or hunter, and then provide three specialties for each of them. In The Lost Ark, you have a total of 12 classes-in Korea. There are even 19 classes; besides, in The Lost Ark, you can determine the appearance of the hero yourself. Here, you don't need to be bound by the default value of the class.
Gameworld: The Lost Ark is both an MMO and an action RPG. You will notice this, especially in the game world. It turns out this is huge. There are multiple continents, and a continent is a large area where you meet other players. At the same time, you can explore other parts of the world with your boat. Because Lost Ark hopes to realize every dream of anime, the world is also very different. From classic fantasy with bows and demons to gunners to steampunk mechas.
Mechanical principle: The life of the Lost Ark comes mainly from its performance value. No other action in RPG can give you such a fantastic sense of absolute power. This applies to every class, and every category has its mechanism. To improve your level, you can inject points into your skills after leveling up, and occasionally you can unlock new modifiers, which can change the basic form. So you have some freedom, but it will never be as complicated as in Path of Exile, mainly because all skills are closely related to the curriculum.
Paid mode: You can also play The Lost Ark completely free-at least it finally appeared in the western region. There is also a micro-transaction store in Lost Ark, but this is not without problems. For cash and cosmetics, you can also use the endgame dungeon more frequently, have more inventory space, and rejuvenate on the spot. With it, you can pay for tangible benefits, which will help you become stronger faster.

NO.5 Last Epoch
Release: 2021 | Developer: Eleven Hour Games | Platform: PC

Last Epoch has been in Early Access on Steam for a while and offers five playable courses there. First, you choose the Primitive (Nature Magician), Assistant (killing the Magician), Magician (Elemental Power), Sentinel (Severe Melee), or Villain (Agile Melee and Long-range Fighter). But after a few hours, you can extend the course. For each class, you have three subclasses open to you, which further deepens certain advantages.
Gameworld: Do you like a journey through time and space? Then, you will be in the correct position in the Last Epoch. Here, you will explore the same game world in four different eras, so sometimes you will even be confused with dinosaurs. As the story progresses, the period is unlocked, but sometimes you have to jump back and forth. But there is no open world, and you will not meet other players.
Mechanism: In Last Epoch, the passive talent trees in your class were slimmer, but at least they are still apparent and can forgive some mistakes. Active attacks will make it more complicated. Here, you can focus on the five preferred skills to unlock other skill trees for that particular skill. We earn points by using abilities.
Payment mode: You can already play Last Era in Early Access. But it would help if you thought twice because EA access is more expensive than the finished game. Currently, you pay 30 euros for Steam, and the price will be lower in the future. Last Epoch does not have an in-game store.