Which are the best action RPG for Android and IOS?

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What is an action RPG? By this term, we refer to games with dynamic combat systems, role-playing mechanisms, and many multiplayer games. Compared with static games with tag positioning, you can and should attack directly. The telegram skill enters the target as a skill shooting and actively avoids destructive attacks. There are many (MMO) RPGs for iOS and Android that provide dynamic action games Diablo. But which action RPGs are worth fun? BuyNewWorldCoins Editor chose from the best mobile games of this genre. The decisive factor for our selection is the types mentioned above of games, which have appeared on iOS and Android and have received at least 4 out of 5 stars in the app store. Ideally, matches are still compatible with PCs or game consoles. After our top 4, we have a very promising action PRG, which should be released soon, and it will be prevalent.

Diablo Immortal
Developer: NetEase | Platform: Mobile | Release Date: 2022 | Model: Free2Play

Diablo Immortal brings the typical Diablo gameplay to the phone. This means using simple language: instead of using a mouse and keyboard, you use a touch screen and optional controller to support the slaughter of hordes of demons and collect their loot.
It has experienced the typically gloomy world of Diablo, where a new group of demons lurks in every corner but will soon die in your blades and spells.
Diablo Immortal offers six typical Diablo occupations at the beginning: Barbarian, Wizard, Monk, Necromancer, Demon Hunter, and Crusader.
The game provides copies, social functions, and guild support for four players. By the way, Diablo Immortal is officially anchored in the Diablo Canon, playing between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3.

+ Pures Action-RPG-Gameplay
+ Typical Diablo feeling
+ Controller support
+ Epic PvP

- Release still unclear
- Touchpad controls may discourage die-hard fans

What are the core functions?
Diablo Immortal is a pure action role-playing game that inherits the tradition of the legendary game Diablo 1 to 3. This means that it tells the addictive cycle of demons knocking, plundering, getting better, knocking down more demons, and collecting their loot.
This is supported by the typical, gloomy atmosphere of Diablo. The graphics, animation, and sound exude a lot of Diablo charm, and the first batch of testers agreed with them that the gameplay feels like Diablo 3, just better.
Diablo Immortal also provides a powerful PVP function to put you in the 8vs8 battle. But this is not all because there is a highly blatant endgame event in which only the top players in the guild can participate. Among them, the strongest player becomes a boss monster that other players should defeat.

Why choose it?
If you like Diablo games and own a mobile phone, you can bring it here without hesitation. Because Diablo Immortal fully guarantees the typical Diablo is feeling on mobile devices.
However, the game is not yet universally available. Blizzard has postponed the release time to 2022. Since Players in the beta test have praised Diablo Immortal, we will add it to this list.

Genshin Impact
: miHoYo | Platform: Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5 | Release Date: 09/28/2020 | Model: Free2Play

Genshin Impact perfectly combines easy exploration and extensive polishing. Due to the enormous world and tricky puzzles, the leading world is never dull. Different opponents with multiple skills and abilities are waiting for you to dismantle.
In addition, the game also provides you with a dungeon where you can compete in the cooperative mode of Genshin Impact. All in all, the four of you can farm in the dungeon or explore the main world together and slaughter enemies and bosses.
There are 42 different characters in this role-playing action game, each with a unique design. Some are given as gifts, while others can be obtained from Capsule Banners (a random mechanism for drawing new heroes).

+ Regular and major updates
+ It can be played with the same account on all supported devices
+ Despite the gashapon system, everything is available with Free2Play
+ Collectors, explorers, and story fans will all be worth the money

- Expensive capsule system
- The resin system limits the possibilities of grinding and farming
- Challenging endgame content

What are the core functions?
The adventure game Genshin Impact mainly includes exploring the vast world, completing tasks, and honing your character perfectly. However, the existing endurance system will prevent you from farming the dungeon indefinitely.
Like a typical mobile game, you can only loot bosses and dungeons within a limited range. Then you have to wait until your physical strength, and the so-called resin are adequately replenished.
In addition, the gashapon aspect cannot be ignored. If you want to gamble with a large number of characters, you must be prepared to collect the in-game currency called Urgestein for a long time to get a particular hero.
Genshin Impact does not have PvP and relies on pure PvE content, so you can use the perfect device as you want. The goal is to flatten the monsters and collect resources to upgrade your character.
Action role-playing games provide bright and friendly environments as well as dark and mysterious places. The story mission is wholly set to music and offers fantastic cutscenes with cartoon graphics. The choice of music always matches the respective locations, which have been based in China, Germany, and Japan.

Why choose it?
If you have weaknesses in anime or cartoon optics, you should check out Genshin Impact. Even those who enter the open world and explore will be worth the money in the game.
For puzzle-solving and grinding enthusiasts, sometimes tricky puzzles and character equipment are sure to be satisfied. If you don't like PvP, you will find a widespread PvE change in Genshin Impact.

Albion Online
: Sandbox Interactive | Platforms: iOS, Android, PC, Mac | Release Date: 07/17/2017 | Model: Free2Play

In the successful sandbox MMORPG Albion Online, PvP and sandbox gameplay play an essential role. Your character is not bound by a fixed occupation or game style but can be adjusted freely. Then, together with your hero, you will explore the large game world from an ISO perspective. In addition to sandbox games, you can do whatever you want, and Endgame also focuses on PvP. There are open PvP in the highest area, and it is even possible to lose your equipment in the event of death. The mobile version of Albion-Online is not just a superficial branch, but basically, the same game played on PC or Mac. You can also play cross games on the same server.

+ Huge range
+ Regular major updates
+ Focus on PvP

- Difficult to get started for novices
- Hardcore PvP is not for everyone

What are the core functions?
As mentioned earlier, Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG. This means that you don't have to follow the established path in the game world but can develop freely. Everyone here is the creator of his happiness.
The world of Albion is full of treasures and full of adventure. You can decide whether you want to face the monsters and competitors in the world, or you are more willing to improve the world economy.
PvP has always been an essential part of Albion Online. For example, you can run your farm to produce raw materials. Or you climb into the dark dungeon to face the monsters there. Especially in the fierce battle, things here have to get to the point.

Why choose it?
Albion is open to all PvP fans because this aspect is essential in MMORPG. Especially for hardcore PvP fans, where you may lose items, here is the offer. However, this game is also very interesting for sandbox fans who like to explore the world and my raw materials and craftsmanship.

Marvel Future Revolution
: Netmarble | Platform: iOS, Android | Release Date: 08/25/2021 | Model: Free2Play

Anyone looking forward to the mobile version of Marvel Future Revolution in the coming revolution of Marvel is wrong. The developer is again South Korean studio Netmarble. They are already responsible for the famous mobile MMO Lineage 2 Revolution. Marvel Future Revolution is an open-world action role-playing game. This story comes from Marvel writer Mark Sumelak and has nothing to do with the current MCU settings for movies and episodes. Nevertheless, this story is suitable for MCUs, because the future revolution is also about parallel dimensions and problems that arise when several collide suddenly.

+ Top Marvel atmosphere
+ Many different Marvel heroes
+ Effective action game

- Autoplay is not for everyone
- Game advantages can be obtained in the store
- tortured

What are the core functions?
In the game, you will play a famous Marvel hero, including Captain Marvel and Doctor. Strange, Iron Man, or Star-Lord. You can change heroes at any time between missions, depending on whose skills and abilities are more suitable for you.
In the game, you will explore large open maps and knock down a large number of opponents. This is effective in autoplay, but you can also manually perform the hero's many skills and actions at any time and avoid devastating area attacks through acrobatics and techniques.
Each hero has different gameplay and has unique skills. Star-Lord is an agile long-range fighter with annoying skills, while Storm in the X-Men series is challenging to deal with, but it is pretty weak in close combat.
Upgrading and optimizing heroes is an essential game feature, but the story is also fascinating. So, if you are looking for replays of Marvel movies and the like, then you have come to the right place.

Why choose it?
On the one hand, the Marvel Future Revolution is aimed at fans of the previous game, Future War, and it is also aimed at Marvel fans. Because anyone who knows and loves movies and comics will be picked up in every corner here, it starts with the heroes' atmospheric tutorial missions and then the loving stories and tasks during the game.