What Poe Currency Items Changes in Path of Exile Ultimatum

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Get ready for the adventure, because Path of Exile: Ultimatum launch is less than a day away! We can't wait to see what you are willing to provide for undesirable chances to get rich. In this news, we have accumulated all the info you require to find out about what happened on the day of publication and how to begin the download as very early as feasible. The realm is closed. The spot will start at 10:00 AM (PDT) on April 16, 2021, as well as the server will undoubtedly be activated at 1:00 PM (PDT) on April 16, 2021. On the standalone client as well as Heavy steam, the upgraded spot size is around 4.8 GB. We likewise provided a 30.1 GB torrent for this update. Although this technique was offered earlier, it has been updated extra significantly because it includes all existing client content. When you begin to use the Path of Exile: Ultimatum, you will still have some files that need to be upgraded.



Main new Currency content and features
Introduced the Veil Chaos Orbs, a Poe currency item that re-forges rare items similar to the regular Chaos Orbs. Still, it can guarantee that the result has a random veil modifier. This item can be obtained from a betrayal encounter or as a rare drop throughout the game.

News Stackable Poe Currency
1. Veiled Chaos Orb
2. Harmful catalyst
3. Promoting catalyst
4. Unstable catalyst
5. Waste oil

Atlas and map changes for Currency
Conquerors encountered by Atlas can now be accessed through map items. After preparing the Conqueror Castle, talking to Zana will open the Map Device interface, which contains the map of the Conqueror Castle that has been placed in the first slot. You can apply Poe currency to these maps in the same way as normal maps, and adding fragments or scarabs next to the map will further enhance the map. The number of items will only increase the number of rewards dropped by the conqueror by 20% of its total value.

Glennach Keynes for Currency
Per Diem has been added (previously in Haewark Hamlet). Now, rare items outside the devil in the area have a 25% chance to drop additional basic poe currency items (35% at a time).

Currency Trade website changes
Filters for affected items for example, have shaper influence can now be found under pseudo-statistical filters on the Trade website.