What is the Lost Ark Worth Playing in 2022?

Lsot Akr / News Date: Feb/16/22 14:16:28 Views: 784

Lost Ark is an MMORPG on PC. The camera is isometric, and you need to run with the mouse. It has been this way since the beginning and will not change. Unless the developers decide to make completely different games in the same universe, if isometric doesn't scare you, then go ahead. In South Korea, The Lost Ark is firmly in the TOP-1 position, surpassing World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, and Black Desert. In EU and US, there are enough online, but no one has said the exact number. In Europe, I think the game is split into two legs. But in fact, it will be seen.

Detailed combat system
The depth of combat in many MMORPGs is frustrating: often, they're pretty much just approach, press skill, wait for cooldown, repeat. It is this misunderstanding that LOST ARK corrects. In it, combat is all about positioning and synergy of abilities, so in every battle, you need to correctly calculate your position and build a compelling mix of available technologies. For example, you can pull all enemies to an area in front of your character, then stun them in large numbers to buy time to cast more powerful spells. If you've played Heroes of the Storm, you've probably gotten used to this style of combat pretty quickly: everything is pretty much the same, but with more dynamics and tactical scope. Well, as you probably already understand, there is usually no choice of specific targets, as in many MMORPGs, your hero will attack the enemy in front of him.
But don't think you'll be taking out opponents in batches like minions: the game doesn't hesitate to punish mistakes, especially in boss fights, which have a lot of their tricks up their sleeves. For example, the ice dragon not only spews blue flames but also knows how to dive under the ice before it can suddenly appear and sweep everything along the way. But a ballista of a suitable caliber will be found nearby.

In-depth skill customization

Any combat system will somehow push the player down the path of least resistance: in the end, we'll find ourselves with a set of favorite skills and use them in raiding and farming, gradually starting to get bored. However, in The Lost Ark, the tripod mechanics make combat less of a chore. Here's how it works: players have up to 8 slots for various skills; each can be attached to several improvements, adding damage or other parameters, or even changing the attack area with animations. So you can not only improve the parameters of your favorite skills but also radically change their combat properties - or even choose more awesome animations. Also, specific presets are configured for different modes, so you don't need to rebuild your build every time.

Epic story
The plot of LOST ARK tells the story of a world thrown into Chaos by the fault of the demon Caseros. The Infernal Warlord and his demonic legions have opened the gates of Chaos and invaded the human world; under constant horde pressure, mortals have lost all hope of victory. Only the mythical Ark can help, with which our ancestors once fought off the invading creatures of hell. This means that players will have to find parts of the artifact, visit various corners of the kingdom and make many important decisions. Who knows where all this will go?

Environment interaction
On the way to the Ark, many mysteries and mysteries await you, not only in the plot but in the design of the open world and dungeons. LOST ARK has an interactive environment unlike many other MMOs: you can play with internal items purely for wagering and puzzle-solving. A valve broken in time will open the aqueduct and flood the boss with the dungeon, and rewards will await the savvy hero. And, of course, don't forget to set up the instruments: with their help, you can play a melody that reveals a secret spot on the map.

Fun play in the game
After another skirmish with horned creatures, you can take a breather and play cards. The developers designed an entire game for LOST ARK, just like CD Projekt RED used to be: you collect a deck and put it on your opponent's deck (computer or actual). The creatures take turns fighting each other; as usual, the winner is the last to stand up. It sounds simple, but there are nuances here. These cards have unique abilities: Suppose a knight gains the ability to stun enemy creatures after pumping. During combat, you can stun enemy cards for two consecutive turns without taking damage.
There is also an incentive to focus on cards. For extended play and specific achievements, you can earn rare items and Lost Ark Gold that help pursue Ark. In general, don't miss the mini-games: they may help you defeat the same invincible boss.

Battleship fans, sharpen your saber! In Lost Ark, a large part of the game is devoted to adventures at sea. There are many islands in the waters, and a treasure chest can be found in the depths. But keep your eyes open: it's not just adventure-seeking wanderers but hostile pirates and various marine reptiles roaming the waters.
In addition, temporary events await sailors: sometimes new islands surface, and thrill-seekers can earn special rewards for completing quests. The deal is lucrative, and you just have to hurry up.

Detailed character editor
If you've ever played an MMORPG, you've probably spent at least an hour, if not more, creating a character. It doesn't matter that the appearance editor is usually not rich: even if you have to choose from ten identical heads, you have to dodge and select the best one! But not in LOST ARK, where everything is in order: despite being isometric, the character's appearance can be calibrated to the smallest detail, from hairstyle to lipstick color and makeup. The tones of some elements are adjusted via the RGB palette - at least select a whole day.
LOST ARK aims to refresh the MMORPG genre by carefully integrating a kaleidoscope of different mechanics and intrigues. But better check it out for yourself, right? You can already sign up for the PC closed beta test. And of course, don't forget to send Caseros home!

Overall, the game's fun is that you can play at your own pace. If you don't like something, you can ignore it. The top content for 2022 is Fetranian Lords. Brutal raids, best done in a well-coordinated team. Here, you need carefully selected gear, a certain fee, and a co-implementation of game mechanics, as well as Discord for coordinating actions.