The strangest MMORPG events and highlights of the week

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In the field of MMORPG, the week from March 22 to 28 is tranquil. EZNPC has developed two excellent points for you and summarized other important content.


Highlights of the week: New World announced improvements to its mission system. So far, they have been considered very boring and uncreative:
You always kill opponents and collect items there
Often lack of backstory
The opponent is the same
Now, developers promise to improve, especially in terms of stories and changes.
Besides, the beta version has started from World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic, so you can play to level 64 first and then gradually add more content. The location in the beta is in great demand, and not every player who wants to participate can get access. However, you can still register and get one of the slots.

The strangest thing of the week: In the Free2Play MMORPG rider of Icarus, the player spent nearly 8,000 hours. In the end, he did not become a fan but made a devastating criticism of MMORPG on Steam.

One week's MMORPG highlights: This week, people's discussion of excitement is about the so-called promotion of WOW. Can improve streamer's contribution by 147 comments and opinions divided. We have also summarized the forum for you about whether enhancement medication should be banned during the investigation.

Is there anything else?
This is what happened to the large MMORPG this week:
ESO You can find more information about Blackwood's new chapter in the live broadcast on March 31st, and we have compiled this information for you. Besides, the birthday event for the 7th anniversary of ESO is about to start, and you will get 100% extra experience rewards.
World of Warcraft enhanced the damage of level three hunters, monks, and warlocks through repair procedures. This eliminates the previous reduction in damage caused to hunters and monks.
In Guild Wars 2, a new reward event has begun around the people of Olmakhan. You can find more information about this on
In Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix also plans to release the game to the next generation of consoles. The Beta version of Playstation 5 will start on April 13.

The smaller MMORPG is like this:
Oldschool RuneScape has an innovative idea of how to make fishing more exciting. If you catch a fish, you will soon meet a boss there.
Bless Unleashed announced some innovations. Therefore, the balance of the dungeon should be improved as soon as possible, and the task flow should be improved.
Kingdom Under Fire 2 is considered the most expensive Korean MMORPG ever. In 2019, it was still prevalent on Steam, and it no longer exists.
In Wild Terra 2, you can now brew your alcohol and get drunk in a positive way. The entire process will take effect with the latest patch on March 25.
The MMORPG under development is like this:

In The Pantheon: Fallen Rise, the first piece of Alpha information is widely known. However, there is no exact date yet.
There is one death to be recorded. The mobile MMO Final Fantasy XI released in 2015 was crushed before its release.
This is news from a large MMORPG this week. Have we forgotten essential things? Could you write to us in the comments?

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