The Five best PC platform HACK and SLAYS Games Released in 2021

Path Of Exile / News Date: Mar/22/21 09:51:21 Views: 1883

For fans of Hack and Slays games, 2021 will be an exciting year. Some exciting new games are planned to be released or tested. At Eznpc want to introduce you to these games, which can shorten the wait for Diablo 4. Diablo 4, announced on Blizzcon last November, made fans of the action RPG game genre hot for new adventures. But we cannot expect Blizzard to release the next Diablo in 2021. Instead, some other representatives of the Hack & Slay type appeared.


Path of Exile 2
Platform: PC (most likely PS4 and Xbox One) | Release: Initially at the end of 2021 | Payment method: Free2Play | Website: Path of Exile 2 website

What is Path of Exile 2? This is a continuation of the famous and popular Hack'n Slays Path of Exile: it is not a new game but a significant expansion of the path of exile. Path of Exile 2 should also provide an opportunity for you to start the course of removal.
As before, you can fight monsters with your friends, collect loot and improve your character.
The new story takes place 20 years after Kitava's death and includes seven new acts.
There are 19 new superior categories, but they are the categories mentioned above based on PoE.
With the new gem system and Poe currency system, you can no longer build gems into equipment but can be built-in skills.
The equipment system is being revised.
You are exploring a vast world facing many enemies


Who is the goal of Path of Exile 2? Hack and Slay is mainly for people who have already started using the first part. However, anyone who wants to play a deeper, more complex action RPG should also check it out.


How good will Path of Exile 2 be? The first part has been an enormous success and is considered a variable of this type. Path of Exile 2 is likely to remain in this state. It's anyone who wants complicated hack's killings, and the effect is excellent. Therefore, Path of Exile 2 should attract many fans.

Diablo 2: Resurrected
Platform: PC, PS4 / PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S, Nintendo Switch | Release: 2021 | Payment Mode: Buy2Play | Website: Diablo 2: Resurrected

What is the Diablo 2: Resurrected? The remake of the classic Diablo 2 mainly improves the graphics. You don't need to fight with 2D monster elves, but with detailed 3D creatures. There will also be a version for the new console. However, the gameplay should remain classic.
The story you encountered in 5 performances is the same as in 2000
You will take the following classes: Amazon, Assassin, Necromancer, Barbarian, Paladin, Witch, and Druid
There should be cross progress, where you can transfer progress to other platforms
The ranking season is being revised
The user interface has been optimized
Loot boxes expanded

Diablo 2: Who is resurrected? Diablo 2: Resurrected is, of course, for everyone who played Diablo 2 in 2000 and wants to enjoy this experience again in a more modern manner. However, even a novice can use Remaster to see how Diablo 2 has been played for more than 20 years.


How effective is Resurrected? Fans have been waiting for the restoration of Diablo 2. And Blizzard's content is entirely in line with the player's vision. A visual improvement in which the gameplay remains the same.

However, the disappointment of the remake of Warcraft 3 is still deep, unable to meet the expectations of fans. Therefore, the community is full of hope for Diablo 2: Resurrected, but it also has some doubts.

Last Epoch
Platform: PC | Release: Spring 2021 | Payment Method: Buy2Play | Website: Last Epoch

What is the Last Epoch? Hack and Slay combine dungeon crawling with excellent time travel. You have to jump back and forth between different times to solve puzzles and defeat your opponents.
You can choose an introductory class for your character and then specialize in more than 15 masterclasses.
Finding loot is the crucial part.
You can still use so-called extensions to personalize your skills
You travel through time and space and see how the world changes. This is important for solving certain situations

Who is the target audience of Last Epoch? The action RPG Last Epoch provides some interesting methods, such as time travel and skill systems. If you like classic bargaining games but still want to experience some new features, then Last Epoch is your ideal choice.

Prediction-how good is Last Epoch? You can already watch the early access version of the action RPG on Steam. The ratings there are very high, reaching 85%.
Last Epoch shouldn't be as complicated as the Path of Exile, nor can it look so good, but it can still provide entertainment through exciting features. These make the action RPG stand out from the competition. As the developer explained on the official forum, this version will not be released until 2021.

Lost Ark
Platform: PC | Release: 2021 | Payment Method: Free2Play | Website: Lost Ark

Lost Ark is a full-fledged action MMORPG that is reminiscent of hack & slay games like Diablo due to the ISO perspective and fast action. Therefore, many fans of the hack & slaughter games in the West are hot for Lost Ark, which has already been released in South Korea and Russia.
In Lost Ark, you explore an enormous game world in which you meet other players. Together you fight monsters and do quests. Fight against bosses, the hunt for better equipment, and PvP battles in an arena, as well as siege battles, are part of it.
Explore an enormous game world
Fight against numerous monsters like in a hack and slay
Complete quests that you receive from NPCs
Fight your way through monster-infested dungeons and do raids in a group.
PvP takes place in arenas, and you take part in sieges
Crafting also plays a role, for which you have to collect resources
Who is Lost Ark for? If a typical hack and slay is not enough for you and you expect more from such a game, then Lost Ark could be suitable for you. The MMORPG elements, group play, and social features make Lost Ark more than just an MMORPG.
Forecast - How good could Lost Ark get? In 2021 we should finally find out how good the mix of Hack ‘n Slay and MMORPG will be because the game comes to us via Amazon Game Studios.
Eznpc Lost Ark expert Irie is already playing the action RPG on the Russian servers. She is enthusiastic about the mix of Hack & Slay and MMORPG.

Magic: Legends
Platforms: PC, PS4 and Xbox One | Release: spring 2021 | Payment model: Free2Play | Website: Magic: Legends website

What is Magic: Legends? Magic: Legends was first announced as an AAA MMORPG, but the Cryptic Studios developers decided to make it an action RPG. Together with two friends, you will explore large and small play areas, fight monsters there with magic and cards and improve your hero. You follow an epic story.
You can experience the adventure either alone or with up to two friends
In the play areas, you can expect not only hordes of monsters but also bosses
Before the missions, you put together skills from a deck of cards, and you can find new cards and level them up with shards
You always have 12 cards that constantly rotate. Four of them are always active at the same time
You summon powerful creatures that support you in the battles
You can also play PvP duels

Who is Magic: Legends for? The action RPG is intended for everyone who wants to experience a Hack and Slay a little differently. Because here is a planeswalker, a wizard who fights using magic. There is no real loot, but you are looking for improvements to your spells. This is what makes Magic: Legends an action RPG that dares to do something new

Forecast - How good could Magic: Legends get? Magic: Legends didn't have it easy after the launch because they expected an MMORPG based on the first announcement. Therefore, the game met with some criticism. Magic: Legends first has to show that it's a good action RPG, but with the exciting ideas, the chances are not bad.