Steam Sales 2021: When will the next sales promotion start?

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Steam is sold after steam is sold. This is a well-known natural law. On the Valve platform, you get huge discounts on many games every few months. To plan better when you have the opportunity to get exciting specials, EZNPC have collected all confirmed and projected summer promotions, winter promotions, and Co. dates for you.


Steam sales in 2021
Some Steam promotions occur at about the same time each year. Therefore, EZNPC can now almost predict when sales will start and how long it may last. Valve usually only issues an official confirmation within a short period.

When is the next Steam sale? The new version of Steam Next Fest is about to begin (June 16-22), which will once again offer many free demos and offer games-such as the predecessor of the newly launched game. The next big sale is the summer sale.

2021 Steam Summer Sale
When? The summer sale may be held in the last week of June 2021, and the start time may be June 24, 2021. This date has also been confirmed by several leaks-in most cases, even before the official announcement, these dates are open secrets. Sales usually last about two weeks and may last until July 8, 2021.
What? In summer sales, there are usually many discounts, even for last year’s main games.

2021 Steam Halloween Sale
When? The Halloween sale (logically) starts in late October 2021 and may begin on October 28th. Halloween events usually last about a week.
What? In keeping with the scariest time of the year, corresponding promotions will be held regularly on Steam. Of course, it is mainly to reduce horror games, but other types are also involved.

2021 Steam Black Friday Sale
When? The possible start date is November 24, 2021, and the sale will last a long weekend.
What? This event, also known as the Fall Promotion, will be held on Black Friday in 2021, on November 26.

2021 Steam Winter Sale
When? The winter sale usually lasts during the Christmas period until the first week of January. Presumably, it will start in the week of December 21, 2021.
What? In addition to the summer sale, there are also the most significant discounts on Steam during the holidays. Logically speaking, the Christmas bonus is to be invested.