Should you start playing lost ark in 2022?

Lsot Akr / News Date: Jan/21/22 15:37:57 Views: 559

Is it worth playing the most anticipated MMORPG of recent years or not. I will tell you what awaits you in Lost Ark and the prospects for the game in the future.


The first is ISOMETRY, which is otherwise called "pseudo-3D". If this does not cause a fit of rage and panic, then move on. And we will only run with the mouse.


The second is classes. There are 12 of them, and they are all playable (I say this as an Avatar who suffers in the arena). I would also like a classic assassin with an invite and another healer. In March, Lancer (i.e., Spearman) appeared on Ruof. After Blade and Demonik, there is also a Paladin in Korea, but we won't have it until autumn.


The third is missing. Right. Attention test.


Fourth - the plot and pumping. This is the coolest thing in the game. The plot is somewhat banal but interesting. Plus, Russian voice acting. You can swing solo with any class, even if you are a hereditary noob and bottom. Passage of continents, development of new content. New locations. Dungeon scripting. At this stage, the game is very cool and very addictive.


Fifth - the content on the cap. This! Simply! Awesome! After pumping, when we sail the seas for the first time, explore the islands, complete the quest chains, the first passages of dungeons, cubes, the first wipes on the guardians, and the first burnt chair in the arena.


Sixth - monotonous farm. After a bright, fun leveling, after the first 50 hours in the game, you will have to farm the same thing. It all depends on the choice of the way of turning the gear. We either go into chaos, which we go through with our eyes closed, playing with our feet, or we farm the same guardians on cd (constantly burning up for randoms), or we wind up ass hours on the crafting fields, or we burn our ass in the arena. By the way, it will be most interesting for PVP players to play.


Seventh - acrasium. Whatever you do in the game, you will be a slave to the acrasium. It is needed for sharpening gear. To do this, every day, you will do boring dailies. You will go on a timer to break into chaos dungeons with a ticket and do all sorts of wikis. And also swim in the sea in the hope of catching a treasure map with acrasium.


Eighth - donate. A strange paradox: it seems like you can play the game without investments, but why the hell is it so expensive. You can play without donation. Quite comfortable. But if you want to go to the keeper not 3, but 4 times a day, if you want to sharpen faster, buying acrasium in a shop, well, and other little things - then, without extraneous and frills, only for prem and acrasium 2 thousand a month it will have cost. If you buy suits and any consumables, I am afraid of such numbers.


Ninth is perspective. By and large, everything will be about the same. Only new grades of gear and its sharpening. Continuation of the plot and new quests. Oh yeah, new classes. The developers also announced homeownership and decoupling of classes from gender, but this is not even in Korea. There are also gwg and gwe. Those who participate there love it. We already have it. And most likely, both in Korea and we will have PVP tournaments. By the way, they say about sharpening a new piece of clothing that it will be chance and for gold Lost Ark.


Well, the tenth - the final - my opinion. Should I play Lost Ark. At the beginning of the game, class selection, leveling, exploring the world and your character? The first 50 hours on the cap - it's worth playing. It's like a cool and interesting single-player, only MMO. And if daily activities are boring and the game does not bring pleasure, you should stop. Games are supposed to be fun. We play for him.


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