Poe 3.13 will conduct a Feature Creep test

Path Of Exile / News Date: Oct/21/20 02:32:10 Views: 1739

The expected release date of Path of Exile 3.13 is December 18, 2020. Another release schedule will be prepared for console game players in a week. PoE 3.13 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be on December 23, 2020.

Feature Creep is when the software's feature set gradually increases as developers consider adding more and cooler things, which eventually leads to production problems. This is a common problem in software development. Although Feature Creep sounds terrible, it can usually make a game feel different. Many things have been added that make Path of Exile impressive because the developer thinks something is cool and works hard to compress it into a specific version. Although Feature Creep can cause havoc as planned, it is also essential to ensure that developers can still add the special sense of discoveries that make the game feel endless. Eznpc Poe Currency Team believe that it is best to complete it in the planning stage rather than in the later stages of development because such changes will affect the release quality.

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In the latter part of Heist's development cycle, PoE conducted serious internal discussions, discussing how to reorganize the PoE development process to reduce the risk of subsequent expansion. After the discussion, PoE decided to experiment with the next three-month cycle.

PoE defines a particular scope for the 3.13 extension in December. It contains everything needed for a large Path of Exile extension, but nothing more. I handle this expanded production to ensure that there is no work beyond the planned scope. PoE hopes that the schedule achieved by this method may make all content have good playability before the PoE marketing deadline, and can be used for game iteration, and is in a very stable and complete state at the time of release.

The positive results of this experiment are obvious: if successful, PoE will be able to deliver 3.13 on time, with a strong, stable startup, a large number of game iterations, and reliable, functional testing. If the experiment runs as expected, PoE will continue to use it for future expansion, which will enable PoE to continue its 13-week expansion cycle. PoE strongly believes that this is the best for continued growth and long-term development. Before the release of POE 2, the health of the Path of Exile.

However, the experiment has some side effects. You will notice that the patch notes are much shorter than usual. That's because PoE focuses on completing the most important changes and doing them well. My goal is to try to put patch notes on only a few pages, if possible. This does mean that PoE must carefully choose its battle-PoE is carefully selecting the ongoing balance changes to have the most significant impact and solve real problems. It is also possible that PoE will announce in advance to display more expanded content simultaneously, thereby reducing the number of small trailers that PoE releases within a few weeks after the announcement.

PoE's goal is 3.13 to take up 50% of Heist's overall development time (which means changing from overtime to testing time), but it still feels like a large-scale expansion in December. If you are interested, it is an Atlas extension (such as War or Conquerors), with regional battle alliances and other fragmentary features.