PoE 3.13 Guide: Path Of Exile: Echoes Of The Atlas Ascendancy Classes Redesign Highlights

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Echoes Of The Atlas Ascendancy Classes Reworks Highlights

As you can see that right now, all brand new challenges are coming to the latest expansion of Path of Exile: Echoes Of The Atlas, also known as PoE 3.13. This incredible league offers a chance for both Path of Exile veterans and starters to begin fresh and have to face brand new and unknown dangers. In this guide, we will go over the Ascendancy Classes that have been changed a lot. Now let's dive into it.
First Of All: What Are The Ascendancy Class Redesigns In Path Of Exile: Echoes Of The Atlas:

Therefore, first things first. If you are new to the Path of Exile jargon, well, you should aware that this game has a total of 19 Ascendancy Classes, and all of them are specializations for all the base characters you begin with. Let me give you a for instance, a Duelist can turn into a Champion, Gladiator, or Slayer, while the witch could become an Elementalist, Occultist, or Necromancer, and so on.

In order to unlock these Path of Exile Ascendancy Classes, you have to find the Altar of Ascendency at the end of the Lord's Labyrinth. This is, however, is a randomly generated dungeon added in a past League specifically for unlocking these classes, once you go throughout this game's acts and maps then you'll encounter puzzle segments named Trials of Ascendancy, and finishing these unlock the various tiers of The Lord's Labyrinth. Bear in mind that first of all, you need to complete at least six trials to gain access to the Aspirant's Plaza, and that could be done through the Statue of the Goddess in the Sarn Encampment, and then just take it from there.

As you can see that all 19 Ascendancy Classes had changes, which you can check that out in the official post. That being said, three of them had the biggest or should I say the major reworks: and those are the Deadeye, Elementalist, Inquisitor. The following is what you can expect from them in the upcoming 3.13 version of Path of Exile. And my personal suggestion is you really should try those classes, cause you know, since it has such big reworks, maybe that'll much easier for you to get Path of Exile Currency in-game and get more powerful and unique items than before.

No.1: Here Comes Deadeye Rework Details In Path of Exile 3.13:

In this latest expansion, if you are into ranger-type builds, that means the Deadeye's rework might be just the thing. Far shot deals 30% more damage to enemies that are far away from the player right now (which totally making for a 60 percent), however, reduces 20 percent of damage for those close-quarter enemies. Although the 30 percent increased projectile speed bonus has already been removed, fortunately, the spread from Barrages is no longer available.

Far Shot right now could deal 60 percent more damage to enemies far away from you, which is up from 30 percent before, however, in the meantime, it also deals 20 percent less damage to enemies that are close right now. It no longer has a projectile speed bonus, however, now removes the spread from your Barrages (a ranged attack skill that fires all of your bow or wand projectiles fast and in succession).

Far Shot right now could deal 60 percent more damage to enemies far away from you, which is up from 30 percent before, however, in the meantime, it also deals 20 percent less damage to enemies that are close right now. It no longer has a projectile speed bonus, however, now removes the spread from your Barrages (a ranged attack skill that fires all of your bow or wand projectiles fast and in succession).

Right now, Ricochet allows for your projectiles to not only chain an additional time but also offer them a 30 percent opportunity to chain once colliding with terrain. Endless Munitions in this league now fires two additional projectiles at the cost of losing the previously present 50 percent increased area of effect and +200 accuracy rating.

Occupying Force, in fact, is a new skill that benefits a lot to Mirage Archers (ghostly archers that in fact, come from the Mirage Archer Support gem) by rewarding two or more archers, they are also no longer attached to your character, with the condition that you just cannot summon more of them while you're close to the active ones. Therefore, I highly suggest that you should summon them as many as possible while you can.

However, hold on, there is more. Gathering Winds in PoE: Echoes Of The Atlas will always grant Tailwind, Tailwind, a buff that increases action speed by eight percent for every four seconds to both the gamer and allies, and the increase to Tailwind effect per skill is now offered by the Gale Force buff. Wind Ward enhances all of this by making the Gale Force more effective; three percent less damage is taken per Gale Force, but makes you lose all the ones you have when you hit.

Rupture right now is named Rupturing, and critical strikes that used to inflict bleeding only will also inflict Rupture, making those bleeding enemies lose more lives. The disadvantage is that their bleed expires more quickly, which demands a much faster reaction in return to keep that damage going. Eventually, Focal Point presents itself as a new skill replacing Fast and Deadly to improve the effect of Mark skills by 75 percent, and 25 percent less damage is taken from other enemies near your marked enemy, which is perfect because the mark isn't removed from dying mobs.

No.2: Here Comes Elementalist Rework Details In Path of Exile 3.13:

The decision behind the Elementalist rework is mainly based on the lack of specialized skills, for example, even do not know how to get item apart from buying PoE Currency from the EZNPC website, or something like that, rendering it a non-viable selection for many Path of Exile builds. Right now, you will be able to select which elemental ailments to use, offering you the chance of further customization to much better prepare the class for the upcoming update. When it comes to elemental damage, Bastion of Elements looks like the No. 1 choice for those players who are looking to resist said damage. Moreover, if you're eyeing a Golem build to summon an army of bulky companions, well, they will be automatically resummoned four seconds after they die mainly thanks to Liege of Primordial. However, if you also want for them to be immune to elemental damage, you'd better also make sure to invest in Elemancer in Path of Exile: Echoes Of The Atlas.

In terms of specific changes, the benefits from Shaper of Desolation are now part of their very own branches, which culminate in Shaper of Flames, Storm skills, and Winter, this is where the ailment choices come into play. Chill, Ignite, and Shock can still be used and enhanced on any build.

Last but not least, Mastermind of Discord no longer concentrates on Heralds (which is a gem tag associated with active gems that grant players a damage buff and special effect after killing an enemy under certain conditions), right now, Pendulum of Destruction is Heart of Destruction, mainly focusing on elemental damage or area of effect.

No.3: Here Comes Inquisitor Rework Details In Path of Exile 3.13:

The Inquisitor is another class that was feeling barebones in Path of Exile: Echoes Of The Atlas. It will now concentrate on more offensive or defensive power, mainly depending on where you'd want to push it. One of the main additions is Instruments of Zeal, which adds a brand new concept, yep, you are not seeing it wrong, I said ANOTHER ONE named Fanaticism, which grants 75 percent additional cast speed onto your spells with an increased area of effect and reduced mana cost.

Apart from that, there are some other changes. Pious Path no longer influences attack and cast speed, and instead lets you double the potential recovery of Life Regeneration just by having it apply equally to Energy Shield. On the other hand, mana will not be provided by Sanctuary, but right now, has a much larger damage bonus (up from 10 percent to 15 percent from Consecrated Ground).

In this expansion, righteous Providence now scales critical strike opportunity by a percentage equivalent to either your intelligence stats or Inquisitor's strength — it selects the lowest of either automatically. And moreover, it also provides +50 to these attributes, which is a quite decent reward.

Eventually, Instruments of Virtue' benefits no longer strictly apply when you've attacked or cast a spell, but in exchange, it grants 10 percent more attack damage for each non-instant spell you've already cast recently (up to a maximum of 30 percent). And this skill also grants Battlemage, which adds spell damage equivalent to your main hand weapon's damage.

And that's everything you need to know to before considering your build Ascendancy Classes reworks ahead of the release of Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas. Keep an eye on this guide during the next couple of days because we continue to update with new details and information.