Path of Exile Commonly used Currency Farming Guides

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Yesterday, a friend asked in the chat channel why all the equipment are in the market use Chaos Orbs and Exalted Orbs? That's why I decided to write this content today. This game is different from Netease's games. The trading currency of Path of Exile is mainly Chaos Orbs and Exalted Orbs. It is not directly traded with game coins and then dealt with coins. USD, the only way to exchange USD is Chaos Orbs exchange Exalted Orbs, Exalted Orbs exchange USD, how to trade it is to shout in the chat channel or hang on the market.


The most frequently used POE currency in the game is Jeweler's Orb. Before the 6L equipment is turned on in the mine craft, you can only use Jeweler's Orb to make holes for the equipment, and Jeweler's Orb is very difficult to lose. You can only use two transformation stones for one Jewelers. Orb. The other regular Orb of Fusing requires 4 Jeweler's Orbs to exchange for one. Orb of Fusing is used to reset the link on the item, and the phantom stone is used to reset the color of each hole on the equipment, with a five-L. Let's take an example of all-red equipment to see how much Chromatic Orb is required for the craft.

After comparison, the price of a set of 20 Orb of Fusing in the market is higher than the other two. Many people collect these commonly used currencies on the channel. Friends who want to make Poe Currency can pay attention to the channel information. The only common currency that can be directly exchanged for USD is Exalted Orbs.

The unidentified level of yellow outfits in the store is nine pieces from level 60 to level 74. When you sell it to the store, you can exchange it for two Chaos Orbs. You can also practice the full-level skill stones and sell them to other players. These Skill stones are more expensive than other currencies, and Divine Orb and Divination and predictions can be sold at a higher price. If you like my content, please pay attention to me. Welcome to discuss with the editor at the bottom of the article.