New World will receive the transmogrification system?

New World / News Date: May/24/22 15:42:48 Views: 1410

This was confirmed by one of the Amazon Games representatives on Discord.

"We can't say one way or another about transmog - we want that too, but there are currently no plans to work on it anytime soon. We will share this with players when this becomes a dedicated feature on our plan."

And I think you understand. Transmogrification is a nice gimmick, but New World has many other problems/needs that need to be dealt with shortly. The addition of a transmog is hardly one of them.

And what is this transmogrification system? A popular feature in many MMOs allows you to change the appearance of your inventory without changing/replacing its parts or statistics.

Example: we have a fancy helmet with great bonuses, but the second helmet looks much better on our character. Thanks to transmogrification, we can transfer the second model to the current one without losing value.