New World The Strongest New MMORPG with survival Elements 2021

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New World is the new MMORPG of Amazon Games. You play as a drifter exploring the island of Aeternum. There is the mysterious material Azoth on this island, which is said to make people immortal, but at the same time, it will erode the environment and greedy people. MMO relies on a mix of theme parks, survival, and PvP. The focus is on the great 50v50 territorial war. But PvE fans can also look forward to main missions, world events, and dungeons. PvP in the open world is also completely optional. Probably the most exciting part of the new world is the combat system. You have to take the initiative to aim and avoid, but at the same time, each Weapon has only three skills. Sometimes there are very long animations. It's more tactical here.

Powerful graphics
The unusual but interesting combat system for MMORPG
Unused settings
Powerful production system
Strong sound
Fair payment model without Pay2Win and Pay2Convinience

What a boring task
Many bugs and vulnerabilities
Economic issues
An important PvP mode is currently disabled


What content does New World provide?
The new world was initially designed as a PvP and survival game. You can still feel it today. Nevertheless, almost all types of players are worth the money:
1. A particular profession does not bind you in the game, but you can choose 11 different weapons to upgrade. Your playstyle depends on the Weapon you select and the armor you wear.
2. During the upgrade, you will perform different tasks, which are pretty monotonous and boring.
3. The new world's crafting system is very in-depth and even allows you to craft the best equipment in the endgame.
4. In PvE, six different dungeons are waiting for you.
5. PvP players have open-world combat, war, and outpost storm modes, in which 20 players in each group can fight each other in 2 groups.
6. There is an exciting housing system. In the new world, you can buy and decorate houses in settlements. In addition, the house system brings various rewards and is an integral part of the game. If your company does not control the area, you must pay property taxes every week. The guild that controls the area can adjust the tax rate between 5% and 20% according to the house's purchase price. Therefore, you must pay up to 4K New World Coins for Tier 4 houses each week.

What is the price of the New World?
New World is Buy2Play, and the price is between 39 and 59 US dollars, depending on the package you choose. The game is also monetized through the store.
However, this store only has cosmetics content. Pay2Win and Pay2Convinience, such as promotion through additional bank slots or XP, do not exist.

The most substantial new MMORPG 2021
Jeck is an MMORPG expert at BuyNewWorldCoins and has spent more than 120 hours in New World since its release. He is also very active in almost all MMORPGs.

Why is the new world worth playing?
The gameplay of the new world is utterly different from MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy 14. Although you can follow the primary mission, the focus is more on open-world adventures. And this is what I like.

I can go out and do housework for my settlement or faction. This also includes collecting certain raw materials to expand settlements. Chopping wood or cutting ore is my absolute highlight. This is partly due to the excellent sound and somewhat because it always feels valuable. Generally speaking, handicraft is one of the best that this type can provide.

However, the combat system is not suitable for every player, but those who like action and more tactical combat like me will be worth their money in the new world. Although dungeons and large-scale PvP battles are often chaotic, since Guild Wars 2, I have not had much fun with the combat system.

In addition, the new MMO is very popular on Steam, so that players won't be without adventure together anytime soon.

What is the problem with the new world?
Some errors in the current game, including combat errors or Quest that cannot be displayed correctly. Even the highly anticipated PvP mode Outpost Storm is currently disabled due to a mistake.

In addition, there are mistakes made by the players themselves. For example, they are currently reporting the enemy so that they are automatically stopped, so they cannot participate in the war. The deliberate lagging peaks in wars also always occur.

There are reasonable criticisms of the tedious task system. If you like in-depth stories and various missions, then you are in the wrong place in the new world.

Last but not least, there are doubts about the persistence of endgame content, and I also shared this. After all, apart from PvP content and two endgame dungeons, the new world offers very few missions. In the coming weeks and months, Amazon must strengthen this so that MMORPG remains exciting