MMORPG players eagerly await the Lost Ark

Lsot Akr / News Date: Jul/14/21 09:49:47 Views: 860

In the motherland of MMORPG, the relatively new Lost Ark has many competitors, but now it can be done once and for all because Lost Ark is now the most popular MMORPG in Korea and even ranks third among the most popular online games. South Korea is the home base of MMORPG. Many games are developed there, and most importantly, many MMORPGs are played there. As early as 2013, more than 70 million people played MMO here more than Lost Ark in Europe proved itself and ranked third among the most popular online games in Korea.

Ranked first and second are League of Legends and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, MOBA, and shooting games. This makes Lost Ark the most popular MMORPG in Korea. Although relatively new.
The Lost Ark has left its competitors far behind, and it must still stand firm in the West. World of Warcraft dropped to 13th place, Black Desert dropped to 16th place, and Final Fantasy 14 even dropped to 41st place. Lost Ark also won the title of Dark Killer in South Korea, while Diablo 3 is far behind the newcomer Lost Ark at No. 26.


Why don't we have games yet?
This is partly due to a very different video game culture. First and foremost, the theme of Pay2Win is a piece of red cloth in the West. With it, an otherwise good game will soon be eliminated. So there is no guarantee that a game that succeeds in Korea will also grow for us without changing it.
Amazon Game Studios will be responsible for the success of Lost Ark in the West. The company will take over the game's localization in Europe and the United States and finally bring us Lost Ark in the fall of 2021.
But so far, we don't know much about this store and the look of European localization. So far, the publisher has denied all Pay2Win allegations and promised that The Lost Ark will bring a fair and exciting experience to everyone but you need to farming Lost Ark Gold to impove your Character.

How long do you have to wait?
Although there is no exact release date for Lost Ark, you may not have to wait a long time. Rumors are expected to start testing in July, and you can use it to register on For this, you need an Amazon account.
You can play the entire game in the fall at the latest. Even if the release date on Amazon and Steam is December 31, 2021, don’t panic. It is a placeholder because the date has not yet been set.
Soon after the announcement, Steam set the release date of The Lost Ark as of October 21, 2021, but it was quickly changed afterward. The release on this day is pure speculation. It can also be a different placeholder.