MMORPG and multiplayer Games with queer characters and couples

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June is celebrated worldwide as Pride Month, and it is also an equal right for the LGBTQ+ community.  we have declared tolerance and diversity. EZNPC launch campaigns against hatred and incitement in the comment section every day. In June, we let our banner shine in the color of the flag of progressive pride. At the end of Pride Month, we have prepared a list of MMORPG and multiplayer games with queer characters and stories for you. In our selection, we paid attention to the diversity of characters and their background stories. They all have their characteristics.

Guild Wars 2

In MMORPG Guild Wars 2, the developers ensured diversity. On the one hand, there are several gay couples in the game. These include two sylvari Caithe and Faolain or Kasmeer and Majorly, who shared a kiss in an emotional cutscene.
The developers of Guild Wars 2 also discussed gender issues. For many years, there have been transgender characters like Aid Worker Sya in MMORPG. After losing everything in the attack of Scarlet Thorns, she decided to accept the real me. She used her hypnotism to change the gender and changed her name at the time to Sya.
On the other hand, the Norn character Myron Skialkin is non-binary. Myron played a role in the Icebrood saga and helped protect Thunderhead Keep from destroyers who obeyed the dragon Primordus. In the fifth chapter of the legend, Myron supports the team around the player character in the battle with the dragon and provides wise advice around them.

League of Legends

Although League of Legends is a MOBA with no battle or continuous storyline, there are still deep legends. Among the colorful characters, there are humans, cyborgs, robots, golems, animals, and many other anthropomorphic creatures and homosexual couples.
One such couple was recently introduced to Riot. For years, players have suspected that the spark between champion Leona and Diana will fly, not just in battle. In the short story Get Up with Me, the reader learns that the two began a relationship with students.
Unfortunately, the girls attended Leona's backward rhetoric course. She asked Diana to counsel her. This led to a relationship that struggled with problems and misunderstandings but ended in a kiss. Unfortunately, the story of China and Russia has been shortened or even completely deleted.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

When the romantic option was first introduced in Star Wars: The Old Republic, many fans were surprised that only direct relationships were possible. After all, BioWare is already known for game series such as Mass Effect and Dragon Age, in which you can start dating with SWTOR Credits, same-sex couples and aliens, and other races.
Therefore, over the years, developers pressed accelerators and realized bisexual relationships in their MMORPG. As in the case of the BioWare game, you can start a relationship with these NPCs yourself. There is the possibility of flirting at first through the dialogue options, and then the relationship can develop with a certain probability.
Various characters have been added to the Knights of the Fallen Empire, the Forge Alliance, and the Jedi under Siege. These include, for example, Lana Benicio, Lord Sith, or Nadia Greer, Consul of the Jedi. When the two sexes try to flirt, they will not refuse. But while sex may not work, the fun often stops when you are on the wrong side of power.


Like League of Legends, the hero shooting game Overwatch does not have a story event but has many carts and background information about its colorful characters. Since Blizzard announced the game, the Overwatch community has speculated that one or the other character does not seem to be entirely straight to some extent.
Subsequently, the development team gradually confirmed this through short stories, cartoons, or art reference works. In the Christmas special Reflection, Tracer is a lesbian. She has a girlfriend, desperately looking for a suitable gift for her.
In the short story Bast, which revolves around the heroine Anna, it is discovered that Soldier 76 has a boyfriend. Unfortunately, unlike the story in Reflection, this story does not have a happy ending. Soldier 76 vowed to protect the weak and oppressed, and he puts this duty above all else. And his boyfriend at the time.

World of Warcraft

In her long-standing MMORPG World of Warcraft, you will also encounter queer characters. But Blizzard has not only added diversity and rainbows to Overwatch. With the latest plugin, Shadowlands, new raids, missions, and areas come into play, and the first transgender character in World of Warcraft.

The character Pelagos is even part of the primary mission and an important NPC in the mission. He is a Kylian from the shadow world. In his life, his body was not a man but a woman. After his death, the situation changed because souls can choose a new form they prefer in the kingdom of shadows.

So Pelagos chose a shape more in line with his genuine personality than a male body rather than a female body. Azeroth is also full of lesbian characters, such as Ilanya and her spouse, Priestess Driana.


Borderlands 3

The colorful, crazy game series from Gearbox has combined many different characters since the first game. There are gay characters like Athena, and there are bisexual characters like Axton or the famous Mad Moxxi. Therefore, over time, many queer characters have entered the contest.

Borderlands 3 went one step further and dedicated the entire DLC to a gay couple. In Guns, Love, and Tentacles, the plot revolves around the two roles of Alistair Hammer-Lock and Wainwright Jacobs and her wedding. Except for Gage, who has given up on pest control and is now a wedding planner, no one held a celebration.

Although people expect Borderlands' harsh and chaotic style, this DLC will not take itself seriously, but it is not the truth. In addition to the typical Borderlands humor and many Borderlands 3 Money,explosions, guns, love, and tentacles have sensitive moments, which makes DLC a perfect combination of fun and seriousness.