Lost Ark: The complete guide to field boss locations

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Lost Ark Field Boss Locations

The Field Bosses are weaker monsters than the World Bosses that you will encounter throughout the different areas of the game. They also have a lot of health points and devastating abilities, but a small group is enough to defeat them (this is is even possible alone). These drop epic quality Lost Ark items. They are also a good way to start equipping yourself once the maximum level has been reached.



They are also part of the objectives in your Adventure Book (accessible via the [N] key) for each continent.





Ludrick is a monster that appears in the Borderlands region (Artemis), armed with a large sickle.

Appearance: every 30 minutes.



Salt Giant


Salt Giant is a monster spawns in the Ozhorn Hills region (Eudia). He has 10 million health points, and you can get heroic ornaments if you kill him.

Appearance: every 30 minutes.

Salt Giant location





Robrom is a plant-type monster similar to Proxhima. It spawns in Bilbryn Hills Forest (West Luteran).

Appearance: every 30 minutes.

Robbrom's Location



Thunder Wing


Thunder Wing is a monster that spawns near Lakebar (West Luteran).


Thunder Wing Location





Willy Willy is a monster that appears in the Solar Halo Hill region (East Luteran) and wears a pumpkin head.

Appearance: every 30 minutes.

location of Willy Willy





Caspiel is a stone giant that rises from the rocky hills of Striding Rock Forest (Tortoik).

Appearance: every 30 minutes.

Caspiel Location





It spawns near the Twilight Haze Canyon (Anihc). This is the basic version of "Mixed Chuo," the World Boss.

Appearance: every 30 minutes.

Location of Chuo





Manes is a humanoid monster spawns in the Ice Butterfly Cliff region (Shushire). It has an enormous mass.

location of manes


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