Lost Ark Guide: Dream-Stricken Elzowin Quest

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There is always a thin line between sleep and nightmare. When it comes to quests in Lost Ark, there are both. The Dream-Stricken Elzowin quest is one of the story quests for the Roendel continent and requires the player to protect the Ark in the Phantom Palace dungeon from Brelshaza.



Easier said than done, but here's our guide to help you get the job done.



How to complete the Dreamy Elzovin quest?


Because this is a part of the key story quest chain, unlocking this Lost Ark quest is not difficult. Once you have completed the quest "Defender of Elzovin," a new quest marker will lead you to the Forgotten Retreat in the Shadow of Elzovin. The location is marked on the map above.


Head there and enter the palace with a group of four other players. Once inside, follow the path until a short cutscene plays. You will see the evil Brelshaza approaching the palace before declaring that everything in this place is at her whim. A moment later, she proves it by unleashing some Doctor Strange-style world-warping shenanigans. This will trigger the Phantom Palace quest, which will give you more specific objectives to complete.


The path here is linear, so don't worry about getting lost or anything like that. A demon will appear and be the boss when you get to the quest marker. Defeat him before moving on. After you regain manage of one's character, you will need to fight your way as a result of some mobs since the planet all-around you will get weirder and weirder.


Enter the palace doors. Interact with the object in the center of the room, and it will summon a giant chessboard. This will lower the barrier on the path on the left. Follow him, defeat the mobs, and destroy the crystal inside the force field. There will be more enemies.



Go to the chessboard. You will need to solve a small puzzle to continue your search. This is not the most well-explained puzzle, so you need to place the white rook in the appropriate place to solve it. The screenshot above will show you where to place it. If you make a mistake, don't worry. All that will happen is that the piece will disappear, and you will need to start over. The idea is to move the pieces on the side of the board to the correct square to reflect what is shown on the other side. Keep in mind that the pieces you want can be along any of the four edges of the board, so be sure to check them on the far side if you feel stuck.


Once you solve the puzzle, a portal will open and take you to the Haunted Castle Wall area. Defeat more enemies as you follow the path. There will be some pitfalls and environmental hazards that pop up. 


You will meet the Rook of the Wraith Legion at the end of the path. Defeat this boss, and you will return to the chessboard area. This time you need to move the White Knight next to the pawn to reflect what is shown on the other side of the board. This will open another portal.


Follow the path once more and go to the bridge where the Phantom Lord Knight is waiting for you. Kill them before returning to the chessboard, you guessed it, another puzzle. It would be best if you moved the Queen and pawn to their respective positions this time. This time you will find yourself in a place called the Mirror Room.


The next sequence should be familiar to you by now. Defeat the waves of enemies that appear until the Queen of the Phantom Legion appears. Defeat the boss and return to where you came from. A cutscene will play. Enemies will come for you. Defeat them and the Ghost Puppet. This will open the way to the Audience Hall. Take it and head to the Heart of the Palace.


Here you will finally encounter Brelshaza. She isn't going to do something from the ordinary, although she restores her health to a horrendous seven health bars when she's nearly dead the first time. Keep dealing damage and avoiding her attacks as much as possible, and she will still fall.


After that, you will have a short cutscene to celebrate your victory, and the Dreamy Elzovyn quest will be completed.


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