How to Successfully Clear Poe 3.14 Ultimatum without Dying?

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Ritual 2.0, Sassmaster, getting cheesed on by the enemies, the Path of Exile forums are filled with angry comments from players, who seem t be struggling with the new PoE 3.14 league. Now it is not uncommon for players to face a bit of difficulty at the beginning of the league. However, this time around Grinding Gear Games seems to outdo themselves in terms of player difficulty. A little bit of challenge is always a breath of fresh air, but struggling to complete a single Ultimmatum run can be seriously frustrating.


If you're tired of losing runs then you've come to the right place. This guide discusses PoE 3.14 Ultimate league in detail, suggesting ways to make the run a whole lot easier. Some of the veteran players have already gotten ahead of the curve. It's not much difficult once you figure out the trick, but you still have to vigilant as one slight misstep can might the entire loot. So without further ado, let's jump right in!

This Stone Circles modifier trick will surprise you
A lot of players have been having issues with the stone circles. With constantly scaling enemies its becomes extremely difficult to remain still, especially when they are after you. Its a different story when there is a totem involved, but, more on that later.

During the store circle modifier, a set of 2 to 3 blood red circles will spawn within the Ultimatum region. Your goal is to slay enemies while remaining in those red circles. At first, this seems impossible as enemies can easily one-shot you in Path of Exile if you remain still for too long. In fact, like patches players in PoE 3.14 also prioritize movement skills as they are crucial to their survival. So how can you complete an Ultimatum run with this modifier?

You don't have to remain in one store circle during the entirety of the run. There is a reason as to why more than one circle spawns when the game activates the modifier. You can run in between the stone circles. First, stand on one of them, kills a few enemies, then kite the rest to another circle. Repeat the process until the run ends, it's that simple. This would have been common knowledge by the end of the second week of the league launch. Nonetheless, here is how you can make the most of Stone Circles.

Choose Easy Modifiers
Choosing the wrong modifier can really hurt your character on long Ultimatum runs. While some of the modifiers are insanely difficult, some are super easy, as the miasma one. There is also a common misconception that choosing multiple level one modifiers is better than stacking and leveling a single one. Once again, there are modifiers that are very difficult, and stacking them does make the game harder. However, it is better to stack a single easy modifier than to add multiple ones.
With a single mechanic, you have less to worry about. For instance, let's assume that you have a level 3 miasma. Now a level 3 miasma is way easier to handle than three different Ultiumatum mechanics. There are many level one modifiers that are way tougher than level three's. As a sidenote, mechanics that are grounded are significantly easier than other ones, such as Choking Miasma.

Here is a list of some of the easier PoE Ultimatimatum modifiers.
Choking Miasma
: Moves extremely slowly. Easily dodgeable to the point that it's almost useless. Always choose or upgrade this one as it's a free shot. Even the third level moves painfully slowly so picking this one is a no-brainer.
Ruin: Movement speed and kiting are two ways to easily cheese an Ultimatum run. The better you kite, the higher are your chances of completing the run. So if you're good at kiting and able to dish out decent damage you should always pick Ruin as the enemies will be long dead before they can apply the debuff.
Restless Ground: Simply get a gem and corrupt it to make your character immune to Restless ground.
Totems: Totems are a slightly difficult mechanic. However, if you can dish out enough dagame, it's worth it. During this modifier the enemy always ignores you and makes a beeline for the totem, giving you ample time to finish them off.
Having a high DPS character is crucial to succeeding in Ultimatum. But, farming for good gear is difficult especially during league start, when the prices are so volatile. The unavailability of decent gear means you're unable to farm for high-value PoE currency items. The grind is painstaking, but it doesnt have to be. There are several websites that sell high-value PoE items at a super cheap rate. You can buy PoE currency here and use it to propel your character progression. These websites almost always have PoE Orbs for sale and can save you hours' worth of grind.

How to Pick the best Ultimatum Rewards?
Ultimatum is possibly one of the best leagues to farm raw chaos orbs. The orb drops relatively consistent to the point that you can look forward to them in every three or four runs. Now not knowing when to quit si devastating as you may possibly end up losing the entirety of the rewards. The best possible way to judge a good haul is by how much chaos you collected so far. For instance, let's assume you got a six-link piece that worth, say, 30 chaos. That sounds like a good time to pull out.

Final Thoughts
Ultimatum is easy if you know what you're doing. PoE 3.14 has introduced yet another great league and with the recent reward changes, there hasn't been a better time to get into the game. Here are a few parting thoughts to help you succeed in an Ultimatum run:
- Always prioritize grounded mechanics/modifiers.
- Keep stacking the same mechanic instead of going for different ones.
- Choose an easy mechanic even if you have the option to level up your current easy modifier. If you have already miasma and offered to choose between Miasma II and Ruin, pick ruin. Always pick easy modifiers when given the opportunity.