How to get Lost Ark Gear when you Reach EndGame?

Lsot Akr / News Date: Apr/22/22 10:54:51 Views: 701

Once you reach the Lost Ark EndGame, in the beginning, you will only collect gear to increase the overall level (GSA) of the Lost ark equipment, as some activities can only be unlocked at a certain level. As I've mentioned several times, some of the methods I'll give below are usually the easiest to do if you have at least two or more players on your team, thus significantly increasing some of the highest possible levels. The overall profit of the activity. It's worth considering that I've tried to give an example of a relatively simple approach, e.g., below, you won't see a description of the red crafting equipment you need to look for particular parts.

First off, I'd say that the easier way to get gear is to craft the system, which is arguably the most straightforward way in the long run. I couldn't check it out because it needed help from other players or a lot of Lost Ark Gold, but it's more profitable in terms of time and resources. So, it would help if you found a special crafting NPC, which is shown on the map with an anvil and hammer icon, find a particular set from the one we are looking for, crafting the entire set, from weapons to boots, you will Special high-level resources are required, which can be created at specific NPCs responsible for a branch of the Peace profession.

You will need the following:
60 green leather;
4 pieces of blue-grade wood;
5 blue grade fabric;
4 blue tier ingots.

This is where the main hurdle lies in need for three more or less high-level occupations, the fact that it usually takes a lot of time and some skill to gather reagents to remake common resources into blue tiers. There's a chance this feature will be reworked when the project goes into public beta, but at least two people will make it easier for you to pull resources.

Also, there is an attractive feature among the features of this set, so you might want to make a part of the set multiple times, i.e., this is a system that randomly selects three additional properties for each item. In short, when you create any part of this set, you randomly determine parameters such as extra stats, the number of slots for runes, and the bonus that the set will provide. If anyone has forgotten the last point, I remind you that almost all advanced gear in purple and above now has specific set bonuses that can enhance particular abilities. For example, for three parts of the set - damage increased by 4%, and already for five regions - it increased by 8%. A little bit lower, and we'll talk about the essential features of the next crafting set. I don't know if the acquired characteristics are saved or not.

The main difference between the crafting set and the rest is that it can be upgraded, so to speak, starting with purple and ending with the red top, and it's all done through re-crafting. To do this, you'll always only need two resources and a complete set of the previous level, and as I understand it, the result is a box with all the equipment one level above the level. Of course, this also increases the prime rating, increasing your average GSa.

The two resources you need are special seals and stones for rework, starting from the second tier. Unfortunately, you can only buy them with Lost Ark Gold, and it's obtained from a rather fun event. At one point, I've described something like a podium through which players can enter towers, cubes, and boss battles. At the very bottom, there are two special examples of peaceful occupations. Roughly speaking, they can be called fertile land, where there are only various resources and monsters, and you always need to choose a suitable activity. It's worth considering that you'll need to spend one special scroll for one entry in this field for everything else that goes through this table.

This specific currency is platinum coins with images of leaves, and the primary way to get them is to get specific resources from those shown in the upper left corner below the timer that restricts your stay. And first of all, you need to find these resources and bring them to the very beginning. For example, the rightmost resource is shown as a crystal in the image below, which drops after collecting five (level) ore. In general, each player (for example, if you're going with a group) can only bring four of the three resources. For example, you can bring four crystals or two baskets of eggs + 2 bags of flour. Only a certain number of coins are issued for this operation so that you can get between 2 and 14 coins in one such call.

However, in addition to this, you can get those by simply collecting resources, and then you can exchange them for items needed for remaking. Still, you need more than 100, depending on the level of reagents you buy. The coins themselves also require a certain amount. Everything starts at 40 for remaking to the second level and ends at 200 for the ninth level, but keep in mind that several of the same items may be needed.

This way, users have initially created GSA level 270 weapons and armors. After nine stages of rework, they will have level 425 equipment in their hands, which can be further strengthened by sharpening knives. You can find NPCs in cities that can buy all of the above, and the latter is easy to find.

Also, another easy way to get a more or less ordinary suit is to go through the dark towers, because on some floors you'll get special boxes that contain particular suit parts. Unfortunately, however, each tier requires your GSA level, or rather, the game says that as the mobs increase in complexity, you'll get through it more easily. But on the other hand, it happens that one floor needs a high level. Its main mechanic has nothing to do with it at all. For example, there will be a special crystal on a bed that you would call a friendly angel when mobs surround you. In one lap, he was already able to kill everyone. Also, for example, there will be a level of kamikaze bombers periodically appearing, forcing you to dodge,

The main difficulty with towers for all users is the limited number of special life jars, three jars, and this number works all the time, so it's best to use them wisely. Although non-Korean players still face obstacles to ping, God forbid you to fall on a hard floor with 1-3% health left on the boss. Having acquired such a set, it can be easily ground to a particular stage with relatively few crystals. However, to unlock its full potential and complete it to its fullest, the player will need special reagents, which can again be obtained from being knocked down in the tower. It would help if you didn't do this at first because there are other ways to get GS, and after receiving the first dark set, the system will release another in the future. Generally speaking,

Chaos Dungeon is a new and arguably one of the most anticipated PvE systems introduced in the final closed beta update. In the future, they are an ordeal, and unfortunately, if I go with random players, I start to get bored after 50. Almost every major city on the continent has a special square statue with an angel on it, and it's usually always crowded, so it's hard to miss. Somehow I already described this system a long time ago. You can read it here. Still, briefly: these are the normal dungeons you've already completed, where the already familiar bosses and their special rotations and random extra bonuses will wait at the end following you. However, to reach them, you need to encounter elite opponents several times, and after killing them, the passage will open further. They, like bosses, are given random bonus stats, which in 80% of cases increase damage significantly (the red halo around enemies).

Do not come back. In my experience, as I said, walking here with a bunch of random players is very dangerous for your nerves because after the boss dies, you'll be back out of the ring, so erasing means the fight won't work. As you can probably guess, the most beneficial class is the bard, which greatly facilitates this task, and he keeps your ass from wiping. In addition, each copy has specific requirements for the level of GSA, which is usually several points higher than the previous copy, which means that almost all equipment needs to be sharpened.

But I don't recommend you do this because the price of sharpening things from Chaos is about double the price of getting them from the Dark Tower. I break armor and weapons to get reagents and get them from the tower. After a successful kill, you'll get one of two types of chests that contain some parts of the series. Only armor and weapons drop from the blue box, but jewelry is the main stumbling block to increasing your GSA from the red box. Simply put, it's better to get a red box, as Chaos trinkets are the only things that shouldn't be broken, provided your main armor is obtained from tower\crafting. Overall, this method is excellent and straightforward, but again, it can quickly get boring if you're running alone after a while.

Below I will introduce a few more sources of good equipment drops because there are relatively few to write about, all because the method is straightforward.
The first is directly related to Chaos quests, and in addition to the main gear, players can also get scrolls for hidden quests, starting in purple and ending in the red. That's how the Koreans raised their GSA rank during the group stage because, for example, if three players each landed on a red reel, each member of the group had three potential gear. You go to the dungeon three times if someone doesn't understand because they are not single-player content.
Some advanced and simple dungeons are a good source of specific gear, as they are easier to complete, but they may not drop the correct items.
World bosses are an excellent chance to get red gear, but your luck should be above god level. You can get lucky as a Korean guy who just got there after level 50 and gets a red weapon or as fortunate as anyone else who gets nothing in the entire game. For example, I can only pull out one book for engraving (with one X open).
A box may be dropped containing random equipment of a certain GSA purple level for some daily routines.
You can buy a chest (15 hearts) containing purple level 320 GSa level armor and weapons for the Lost Ark Gold, Island Hearts that I've already described here.
The last thing that might be included here is Guardians, who can provide you with all kinds of valuable items, although this item is very controversial as it requires a more or less regular player base. As a drop, I saw all kinds of purple gear, red gear, purple-level runes, books, crafting reagents, etc., above 300+ GSA.