How to Choose PSO2 New Genesis Class 2021?

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Which class in Choose PSO2 New Genesis (PC, Xbox One, Xbox X) is best for taste and game style? What courses are available at the beginning of MMORPG? Learn more about the various courses in 2021 in our Eznpc PSO2 New Genesis Course Guide. The question of which profession to play first involves many online role players at the beginning of every MMORPG, and Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is no exception. We have listed all six categories for you here and detailed the respective game mechanics for you.


Six types of PSO2: New Genesis at a glance
What courses are there? Phantasy Star Online 2: The six classes in New Genesis differ in long-range and melee fighters and support classes. Each profession has a suitable armor to emphasize their respective professional attributes. By the way, race does not affect your choice of character.

Can I change shifts?

A particular aspect of MMORPG is that it does not specify a fixed class for you. So once you think it's time for something new, go to the class NPC in Central City. There, you can choose a new class without any hassle. You can change it at any time, and the frequency is unlimited.

Can I also merge courses?

The Phantasy Star Online series is famous because you can play a role in different ways.

Instead, the characters are fluid. As described above, one of the six given heroes can also be added as a subcategory. For example, as a ranger, you can first rely on long-range missiles, switch to melee combat with the help of the fighter subtype, and then hit your opponent with your fists.

However, we don't want to examine Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis's subcategory system in more detail now. The focus of this guide is to introduce the main lessons in the game.

Melee category in PSO2: New Genesis

Who are the unarmed fighters?

Hunters and warriors, whether they attack with swords and long-handled weapons or use double daggers, fighting weapons, and dual blades, are suitable for melee combat.

Hunter - the perfect course for beginners

What can hunters do?

With Hunter, you can play the most straightforward course, which allows you to quickly complete the MMORPG without lagging behind other classes on critical points. The hunter profession gives clear ideas regarding playability, mobility, and damage, making it difficult for you to find better PSO2 NGS Meseta trade in the future.
Hunters are unarmed fighters, good at using swords, guerrillas, and wired spears.
The sword has a slow but powerful attack power and can launch more powerful attacks.
The guerrillas are faster and provide some utilities in battle
The spear takes some time to adapt but focuses on area damage and a lot of grappling attacks.

What is the advantage of the hunter?

Easy to learn and full of fun, at the same time not inferior to other courses.

What shortcomings must you accept?

Unfortunately, this class is not as move fast as other classes, but its armor is better.

The Fighter - Movement damage and spectacular combos

What is the difference between a warrior and a hunter?

The warrior is more or less like a hunter but faster and masters devastating attacks. They won't suffer too much damage, but they act lightly to avoid them better. In battle, hunters rely on double daggers, double swords, and fists.
Each weapon has entirely different gameplay, but it is equally effective in its way.
When using double daggers, you mainly engage in air combat and use cruel combinations to attack opponents. These are difficult to do, and you need good reaction skills to do them.
Fighting is very down-to-earth. You use fewer combos-you can strike your opponent. Your range is short, but you can effectively evade hits.
Double swords are like a mixture of fighting and dual daggers. However, it is not difficult to perform the combination here.

Advantages: Agile, strong offensive power, air combat is very effective.

Disadvantages: The armor of this class is weak, and strong attacks must be avoided

Phantasy Star Online 2: Long-range combat in new genesis

What types of long-range combat are there?

PSO2 NG provides you with up to four long-range fighters, including Ranger, Gunner, Force, and Techter. One of them depends on the proximity to the opponent in battle.
Ranger-heavy damage from a distance

How does the Ranger play?

If you want to keep your distance from your opponents and kill them from a distance, the Ranger is for you. You can use a rifle or rocket launcher and use them to cause extreme damage from a safe space.
Rifles are suitable because they are simple to use and use different cartridge types to cause further damage to the enemy.
When your enemy is right in front of you, the rocket launcher is perfect. Through a wide range of attacks, you will cause significant damage, and you can also hinder your opponent through various effects, such as slowing down.

Advantages: It is fatal at long distances and is very suitable for keeping the back clear.
Disadvantages: Once the opponent is close to you, you are vulnerable, and you cannot take too much.

The Gunner - Not suitable for beginners, but the most interesting

Why is it difficult for shooters to fight?

The Gunners course is a bit difficult to learn at first, but it will be fun once you get the hang of it. The Gunners mainly rely on speedy play and behave more like close-range rather than long-range fighters. This is primarily due to their weapons; you can choose between dual machine guns or assault rifles.
The machine gun gives you an extremely mobile fighting style, and you will quickly find that you have skipped the entire battlefield in a battle. The best distance for the gunner is actually to be close to the enemy. If you have its mechanism, you will like it-we guarantee it.
On the other hand, with an assault rifle, you can always keep a long distance from the enemy and support other players with different skills and cartridge types—it is evident that there is a certain similarity with the Ranger.

Advantages: When you rush across the battlefield, his performance is incredibly full of energy and fun.
Disadvantages: The play style is not easy to learn.

The Force - powerful area attacks cause severe damage on the battlefield

What is the force?

Usually, for PSO2, there are some courses similar to magicians. Force is a course for players who like to use technology. Tech is equivalent to the spell of PSO2.
The task of the Force player is always to keep a safe distance from the enemy and launch a powerful technical attack. The Force class uses various elemental techniques and uses magic wands and amulets.
The two weapons work here similarly, although the amulet uses more movement technology and does not cause much damage.

Advantages: Causes tremendous damage on the battlefield.
Disadvantage: You must always keep a distance from your opponent

Techter - Support teammates but also cause good damage

What does Techter offer?

Techter is the actual support class in PSO2 New Genesis. Your main job is to assist the other team members but doesn't think you can't defend yourself now. Technicians use a variety of weapon skills and techniques that cause harm. Of course, not as good as armed fighter jets.
Techter also uses wands and amulets, and both weapons have their game styles.
The amulet allows for a more flexible way of playing but does minor damage.
On the other hand, the wand is used as a melee weapon, it is used to beat opponents, and some techniques must be taken on the side.

Advantages: Support groups also cause harm to opponents
Disadvantages: damage can not be compared with the force class