How New World PVE dungeons Work In New World Alpha

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In the current New World Alpha, two dungeons (so-called expeditions) are active. The developers explained what they are pursuing through the PvE experience and what players can expect in the blog.
What is an expedition? Amazon's MMO New World is in hard work, and just recently, a big alpha update has taken place, and a lot of content has been changed.
Now you can also use Expeditions in Alpha. According to the developer update, these are instantiated dungeons that can only be cracked through teamwork. It was initially an alternative plan to those PvE dungeons in New World, but now, developers have raised such challenges before.


This is how the expedition in the new world should work
These expeditions are currently available: In Alpha under NDA, Amrhein Excavation and Garden of Origin expeditions can be carried out according to the current state.
Amrhein excavation activities can be carried out from level 25, and the purpose is to serve as an introduction to this expedition. This is an excavation site where players are investigating the traces of a team of archaeologists. The dungeon should provide puzzles and AI opponents, and it should be more gentle compared to the second expedition.
Garden of Origins is the second expedition for level 60 players. The developers talked about endgame adventures with other types of puzzles, different AI opponents, and other challenges.

This defines expeditions: what the Expeditions have in common is that they always target multiple players. Dungeons usually require groups of three to five players, and the difficulty level is for five players at the recommended level.
Therefore, if you want to snatch loot from the dungeon, you need teamwork. But it's worth it because the adventure provides unique loot and equipment as a reward.
These challenges should change in a fun way from the situation in other parts of the game world. Each expedition team tells its own story, and the content of the game should be different: From expedition to expedition, not only does the opponent become tougher, but also waiting for different game mechanics and puzzles. For example, the expedition The boss and the little boss have different AI settings, and each has a unique loot table.
The developers emphasized in the post that they hope to use data from the alpha test to optimize content and add more expeditions to the new world. Therefore, there should be more supplies.


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