How many people are still playing Path of Exile

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In 2013, Path of Exile was first released, which is a dark style game. It has been many years since the Path of Exile, but many players are still in this game. Many experienced players have played Path of Exile for many years and are attracted by this game. After Path of Exile 2 goes live in 2021, many new players will join the team. But some people may wonder how many people are still playing the Path of Exile?

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There is no way to give an exact answer to this question. GGG is the only one who knows the number of official players. In 2015, GGG released information about its player base. At that time, the Path of Exile had approximately 560,000 subscribers worldwide. But after five years of data, it is no longer accurate.

In 2015, the total number of players on the Path of Exile was 600,000. By 2020, the total number of players on the Path of Exile is only 1.8 million. Approximately 1.2 million has been added in five years. For this MMO released 16 years ago, it still has 4.8 million players. PoE has existed for more than seven years, and its end should be a long time away. In recent years, the MMO category's overall penetration rate has declined, leading to a decline in the MMO ranking.

This downward trend appears in the Path of Exile, but it does not affect its always active player community. Even Path of Exile's monthly subscription system is like this. To reverse this downward trend, GGG should pay more attention to players' opinions and meet their needs. The launch of the Path of Exile 2 caused a sensation. The number of POE players will double. The Path of Exile's charm continues to exist after so many years, and it ushered in a new climax after the launch of Path of Exile 2. Eznpc is a website designed to provide the most useful PoE Currency service for players in the game. You can try to click on the Eznpc website to get a surprise.