Forza Horizon 5: How To Unlock 5 Secret Cars

Forza Horizon 5 / News Date: Nov/13/21 15:51:46 Views: 2426

With the skill-perks we get I'll be showcasing how to unlock all 5 secret cars :) I truly hope you find this short article helpful.


To unlock the Twerkstallion

You need the 1990 Mazda RX-7 Savanna

(Free - Complete Super 7-3 times)




To Unlock the Lamborghini Diablo GTR

You need the 1997 Lamborghini Diablo

(174,000CR from the Autoshow)


Lamborghini Diablo GTR


To Unlock the Hooigan Porsche 911 RWB

You need the 1995 Porsche 911 GT2

(550,000CR from the Autoshow)


Hooigan Porsche 911 RWB


To Unlock the Dodge Charger Daytona

You need the 1969  Dodge Charger R/T

(Free - Complete the Goliath)


Dodge Charger Daytona


To Unlock the Deberti Wrnagler Unlimited

You need the 2012 Jeep Wrnagler Rubicon

(50,000CR from the Autoshow)


Deberti Wrnagler Unlimited


To purchase all of them, you need a lot of in-game credits. You can buy Forza Horizon 5 credits. Good Luck.