Fallout 76 is only $13.19, Steam 2021 Game promotion rankings

Fallout 76 / News Date: Jan/05/21 08:55:31 Views: 515

The special promotion on the steam platform is coming to an end. Have you ever bought the game you want? If you still don't know what game to buy, I think you can try these three games.

1. Ark: Survival Evolved-$9.99
Nowadays, games with various playing methods are top-rated among players, and this Ark: Survival Evolved perfectly fits the needs of current players. This is an ancient style sandbox game. Players need to survive for a long time in an old open jungle. Dinosaurs, giant spiders, King Kong orangutans, these legendary ancient beasts have all resurrected here, and they may be staring at the player.
Ark: Survival Evolved is a very diverse game, and many game lovers can find the reason for playing this game. If you are a lover of adventure games, then Ark: Survival and evolution. The vast map shooting and rich species will make your adventure particularly exciting. If you like fighting, then the exciting scene of the battle between the two armies during the tribal war can also be used. You can't stop. Ark: Survival Evolved, many interesting gameplays are waiting for players to discover, such a game with infinite possibilities, don't you try it?

2. Fallout 76-$13.19
Fallout 76 is a role-playing game. The story takes place in Fallout 76. The refuge's record exists on the computer of the Brotherhood of Steel headquarters Citadel, which is one of the 17 controlled sanctuaries. It can accommodate 500 people and is planned to open after 20 years of nuclear war. Besides, the shelter has a record of an alien abduction incident. In addition to the traditional adventure mode, the game also adds a prevalent battle royale mode. Do you want to experience the feeling of PUBG in the wasteland world? You must not miss this Fallout 76. if you need fallout 76 caps or weapons, Eznpc also have 20% happy new year event!

3. Detroit: Become Human-$27.99
Detroit: Becoming Human is an interactive movie game. The background of the game is a future with very advanced artificial intelligence technology. Three artificial intelligence robots with different personalities have awakened their self-awareness during their long-term relationship with humans to find the meaning of their existence. They embarked on three completely different life paths. The game has six endings, including hidden finishes. Players who like the story-oriented game should not miss it.

These three high-quality games are highly recommended for everyone to experience.