Eznpc Poe Currency Delivery Stats

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More than lots of years of offering our services to gamers worldwide, We Know that fast delivery is essential for our service. Now we're releasing an industry-first page that contains full transparency into delivery times. Below you'll come across the updated delivery details for orders produced in real-time. We hope this further data will offer clarity any time you obtain your order. Numerous aspects may delay your delivery, and we think that a clear list of problems will speed up deliveries for everybody.

Reasons delay the delivery:
Incorrect Order Informations - Wrong Order information is the number one reason an order delayed. Some Customer Select Error Server or Gave the Wrong Character Name, and These lead to no way to trade. So Please, always double-check all spelling and info entered.

Unavailability - Getting AFK or unable to get delivery for certain games results in long delays. For anyone who is not on the line when we're prepared to Trade your Currency, items, and so forth. you could be needed to wait for the next delivery timeframe.

High Demand - Throughout Poe's new League Start, Our orders will suddenly increase, and the players offering Currency not have enough items for trade. which occasionally leads to longer delivery instances.

Out of Stock - Whilst we have a large stock of Poe Currency, we do occasionally run out resulting from higher demand. However, we are able to not predict all stock for all games on account of a lot of complicated aspects, but we will always try to provide as rapid as you can and give correct estimates.

Verification Payment - Occasionally, we call for additional verification and safety specifications for an order. In case you obtain this request, please offers the needs as quickly as possible so we can deliver your order.

Eznpc Poe Currency Delivery Stats
Since Poe Currency has more than 200+ currencies, some currency usage is small and we don't have statistics on their shipments. Below we list some common Currency shipping data

Exalted Orb
Min: 1 Mins  - Avg: 10 Mins - Max: 24 Hours

Chaos Orb
Min: 1 Mins - Avg: 10 Mins - Max: 24 Hours

Orb of Fusing
Min: 5 Mins  - Avg: 20 Mins - Max: 24 Hours

Chromatic Orb
Min: 10 Mins - Avg: 30 Mins - Max: 36 Hours

Orb of Regret
Min: 20 Mins - Avg: 30 Mins - Max: 42 Hours