Escape from Tarkov: The definitive guide to all maps, simple, detailed, and control

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In the game, you can infer some game mechanisms based on common sense, but there are many other aspects that you cannot. Escape from Tarkov features one of the steepest learning curves in gaming today.  There are almost no tutorials in this game to help you solve various problems encountered in the game. Perhaps the most important part of Escape from Tarkov is learning the various maps. However, the game doesn't offer any help in this area. So,  This guide will focus on the definitive guide to all maps. It can help players easily hold the detailed content of the Escape from Tarkov all maps. Please keep these guidelines in mind to help you increase the chance of survival in Tarkov. 


Customs: The Definitive Guide

The Customs map in Tarkov is a unique starter map for a survival-based game. Much of the map is enclosed by large walls, and there are more confined spaces than what is common in most FPS games. New players will need to get familiar with the design of the map to survive. Because walls segment a large portion of the map, understanding positioning and sightlines will be key while traversing Customs. Knowing the intricacies of the map and strategies to avoid being caught in the open will help newcomers in their first few hours of gameplay. 

Tarkov Customs Map

Jump Higher Way

Getting over obstacles is one of the main challenges on the Customs map. Using a strafe jump will propel the character model higher than an ordinary jump. Another interesting way to get over walls is to jump in a tree and then clear an obstacle. It should be noted that gamers need to be strong enough to perform certain jumps.

Getting The Factory Exit Key

Beginners may not be aware that the Factory Exit Key opens a door at the northeast corner of Warehouse 4 south of the Gas Station. Players can find the key from looting Scavs or jackets in-game. The useful key can also be purchased from the Flea Market, which is the safest option to acquire the key. After a couple of hours of gameplay, users should have enough capital to make the purchase.

Trailer Park Extraction

The extraction at the Trailer Park is a dangerous objective. An alternative to walking straight to the West is to mantle the cement blocks on the east of the parking lot and use the trucks to the left as cover. Near the end of the lot, there is a gap in the fence for gamers to exit through. From there, users will walk safely through the trees and get to the extraction point.

Sightlines To And From The Gas Station

From the train tracks on the south end of the map, there is a sightline covering hundreds of meters when looking in the direction of the Gas Station. Gamers on the tracks and those on the rocks close to the Gas Station will have a line of sight covering a good portion of the map. Players looking to complete the Shooter Born In Heaven challenge may be able to get a headshot while looking down either sightline.

Dorms V-EX Extract

During the extraction, survivors will have to transfer Roubles to begin the objective. After the transfer, the timer will begin. The objective does not have a proximity requirement, so it is a good idea to move away from it slightly while the timer counts down. As long as the character is at the car when the timer finishes, the extraction will be complete. Hiding in a bush or safe location will make completing the task less stressful.

North Bridge Vantage Point

The north end of the bridge provides an excellent sniping location early in the game. Players will see several enemies attempting to cross the river near the exit point. It is possible to get on top of the small shack there for an even better view. Opponents will commonly hide in and around the pipes to the south.

Exiting The Three Story Dorms

On the top level of the Dorms, there is a doorway that leads outside onto the roof. To avoid going back down the stairs, gamers can hop down onto the clothesline and walk away. The character should take damage in the process. If there is no damage indicator, users need to wait for one or break their legs. This is yet another tactical shortcut that will save a lot of people from death.

Entering The Construction Site

Likewise, there are three entry points at the Construction Site just to the northwest of Warehouse 17. The gaps closest to the warehouse are quite obvious to spot, but the two further north are much safer. Shrubs cover these holes in the wall, and opponents will have trouble seeing through them.

Gas Station Entry And Exit Points

To the south of the Gas Station, there is another strategic way to get across the wall. Players can use the large piping covered in barbed wire to mantle the wall and hop over it. There is a garbage bin that will let characters jump over the barbed wire to get back across. North of the Gas Station, there are a few other holes in the wall.

Getting To The Red Warehouse

Instead of running right through the choke points on the map, players can use several of the gaps in the wall to sneak in and out of areas unnoticed. One of the first areas survivors will need to pass through is the large red warehouse area. This large red warehouse has a couple of main entry and exit points that are usually crawling with opponents. There is an alternative entry point to the south of the warehouse. There is a small hole adjacent to the train tracks that act as a better entry and exit point on the southwest edge of the wall.


Factory:The Definitive Guide

In Escape From Tarkov, The Factory map is amongst the smallest - but most tricky - maps. The Factory is an incredibly tiny and confined map compared to the other locations in Escape From Tarkov. One of the most typical complaints regarding the map is that it truly is impossible to survive for extra than 10 seconds just before being killed close to certainly one of the spawn points. Survival is very important in Tarkov, and Factory is among the riskiest maps in the game. The Factory map is developed for PVP, and individuals will often have to fend off enemies and win gunfights to survive. Because the map is exclusive and hectic, gamers will choose to have a calculated method before spawning in. The Factory just isn't for the faint of heart, and players will need to have each of the help they could get to survive the chaos.

Tarkov Factory Map

Getting into The Office From The South

Gamers that spawn close to the pits will need to get inside the constructing as swiftly as they can, and the most typical route could be the entrance around the south side in the Workplace. By taking a direct line, PMCs will be the initial to create it up the stairs in the Office. Gate zero is one more solution, but it presents a lot more threats. The rest of the Office spawns spaced out properly, and folks will need to be aware of the closest spawn points and typical choke points, for example, the entrances, exits, and stairwells in the Workplace.

Spawning South Forklifts

Players that spawn inside the Breach Forklifts area will typically push the Glass and Forklifts spawn. Taking the tunnels towards the West will be the only alternative, but it is risky in standard raids. The safest option is to push north towards the forklift inside the hallway and listen for enemy locations. Running correctly into the Forklifts area is reckless and can most likely get persons killed. If gamers are patient, the Glass and most important Forklifts PMCs will from time to time fight one another, generating it much easier to position and fight.

Listen For Audio Cues

The condensed nature of Factory tends to make audio recognition critical on this map. Spawn campers and other PMCs will limit their movement and wait for audio to create a move. If survivors hear anything, they should listen for the audio's direction and how numerous footsteps you will find. Powerful audio interpretation will enable gamers to seek out cover inside the correct area and prepare to attack oncoming PMCs.

The Unfortunate Tunnels Spawn

The tunnels for the east in the Workplace would be the worst places to spawn around the map. The area is protected when spawning in, but it's tough to travel from there for the hot zones devoid of getting heard or spotted. You can find direct routes to each Workplace and Forklifts in the spawn point. Applying the stairs towards the north is not advised, as they make a remarkable quantity of noise.

Glass Hallway Method

The Glass Hallway spawn is featured a direct route towards the Office. It leads straight into the other two PMCs close to Forklifts as well. The hallway itself is extremely narrow, so players pushing the Forklifts PMC will have a limited cover. Whatever solution survivors decide on, they'll have a slight advantage over the other spawns. That is because other PMCs will not know if they're going towards the Office or Forklifts.

Backroom Forklift Spawn

Spawning backroom is a fascinating strategy to commence exploring the map. Enemy PMCs spawn close by, in the Glass Hallway or the Breach Location. PMCs that spawn within the Glass Hallway will either head toward the Office or walk east to Forklifts. This means that half of your time, there will be an opponent approaching in the corridor opposite of the spawn. The spawn point for the south has no choice besides walking toward the Forklifts. These players will be the ideal enemies to take down correctly right after spawning in. The Glass Hallway is quite lengthy, so gamers will probably want at the very least a 2x or 3x sight.

Important Products For Factory

All players will wish to have the Factory Important to utilize both gate zero and gate 3. This item is available at the Flea Marketplace for purchase. In addition, getting a bigger magazine is essential due to the fact there might be enemies everywhere. The tight corridors and tunnels will typically contain numerous opponents. The only other Factory certain item gamers might desire to look at is a face shield. PMCs that run a pistol can decimate survivors that usually do not wear a shield.

Common PMC Strategy

There are two viable techniques on Factory. The initial would be to push into one of the hot zones and fight. Most customers are going to be employing aggressive Office/Forklift techniques to kill PMCs. Some players will pick out to exploit the spawn points alternatively. Just after spawning in, gamers need to be incredibly cautious of their surroundings and seek out cover promptly. Spawn campers are sneaky and can stay as quiet as you possibly can until they hear movement.

Pay Attention To Spawn Points

You'll find a total of eight most important spawn points on the Factory Map. Four are just south of your office, and two are near the Forklifts. The other two spawn areas are north on the Silos and the west end with the Glass Hallway. The design primarily forces players to fight either in the Forklifts or the Workplace, generating the hotspots in those areas. For that purpose, both areas will have one of the most activity on the map.

Be Aware Of Hot Zones

Virtually all of the PVP activity will take place in two zones, the Workplace and Forklifts. Each of those places will just about normally have at the least one opposing player in them. Conservative players will wish to remain as far away in the hot zone as feasible. The Factory is a truly enjoyable map if played correctly. Even so, taking the wrong strategy will result in many deaths and the depletion of cash and resources, so watch out for these zones.


Woods: The Definitive Guide

Escape From Tarkov might be quite hard, specifically for new players. Tarkov veterans struggle to survive within the treacherous Woods. Breaking out into the raid might be difficult, particularly for gamers that don't know the dynamics of your map quite effectively. Soon after the recent expansion, there will be even more PMCs for the north with the lake. The vast forests surrounding the hot places of the map make traveling from 1 location to a further a grueling endeavor. Understanding the spawn locations and getting an early strategy will assist people today get in far more favorable positions on the map. 

Tarkov Woods Map

How To Defeat Shturman

Shturman will deal a ton of harm with all the SVD speedily. The most effective strategy to take him down is usually to catch him and his minions moving. PMCs will need to wait till he's out in the open and exposed just before firing. Movement is key while fighting the boss mainly because he will target gamers and begin firing back quickly. Players ought to never re-challenge him in the identical peek spot. Alternatively, rotating to a location 20 or so meters away will increase the possibility of defeating him.

The Woods Scav Boss

The Woods Scav boss named Shturman is going to be roaming somewhere in the Lumber Yard. Shturman has an SVD and will be firing at PMCs early inside the raid. It may be hard to spot him because he will hide among buildings and behind challenging cover. The boss will normally have two goons accompanying him as he moves within the Lumber Yard. The two guards possess several different weapons and can often wield SVDs at the same time. They may be equipped with up to level six armor and are formidable boss adds.

Minding Angles

The vast wilderness on Woods can leave gamers exposed even though moving in any direction. The only method to lessen the possibilities of receiving one-shot sniped should be to check close and long-range sightlines. Staying in one particular place for too long is almost certainly not the safest method either. Certainly, it can be impossible to be mindful of each line of sight and angle at when. On the other hand, consistently checking sight lines both behind and in front of the character will support.

Employing Audio For Awareness And Positioning

The sightlines within the Woods are so long that gamers will want to take a mental note of every single gunshot. For example, if PMCs are fighting across the lake, there could be a sniper threat from that position. Likewise, recognizing the audio and scanning the area can present itself as a prime PVP opportunity. Understanding where the shots are fired and anticipating routes to Lumber will lessen the probability of a flank or unexpected pop shot.

Bring The Right Equipment

Posting up on one of the rocks and working with an extended sniper optic is tempting, but it can spell problems in Woods. Other PMCs will push the rocks and other strategic places regularly. Gamers have to have the alternative to fire at both medium and long ranges. For that cause, a variable optic is a need on the map. Versatility is key when holding down a sniping point. Pistols will melt enemies up close, but PMCs with long-range scopes may have issues at medium range.

The Sniper Rocks

You'll find five different "sniper rocks" surrounding the Lumber Yard that attract a good deal of people mid to late game. Two of them are below Lumber on the map for the southeast and southwest, and two other formations mirror them towards the north. Towards the West, there is certainly another rock that is certainly a little bit closer to Lumber. Every one of these locations delivers incredible views of the Lumber Yard and surrounding places. Players that need to snipe will would like to come across among these tactical viewpoints. However, other PMCs know concerning the formations and will rotate in to verify them out. Any gunfire in the rocks will draw in several other survivors.

Where To Loot

Woods is not among the more favorable loot destinations in Tarkov. Just about all of the useful loot will coincidentally be close towards the Lumber Yard. The cabins below the Lumber Yard contain a protected as well as a handful of jackets. In the Lumber warehouses, there are quite a few military crates to loot. On top of that, there is certainly a Violet Keycard just beneath the bay within the Admin creating. A different dependable solution to get loot is by killing the Scavs that spawn all through the Lumber Yard.

PVP Hot Zones

The Lumber Yard will probably be essentially the most common PVP hot zone in practically every raid. From a few minutes after spawn until the end game, there will be PMCs fighting in the region. Gamers that spawn there will have to embrace the fight or rotate out to loot up beforehand. The concern with Lumber early in the game is the fact that there will likely be numerous threats. At the very least, a couple of PMCs will push Lumber immediately. Survivors will also need to take out Scavs and possibly the Scav boss. With all three threats at a similar time, staying alive inside the place is usually stressful.

East And West Mid Spawns

PMCs that spawn on either the East or West ends in the map, but near the middle longitude will have a rough raid. The Old Station, Scav Residence, and ZB-014 should have an efficient strategy to keep alive. Each of these spawns will have players above them and below them around the map. PMCs will push up to the Old Station, and UN Roadblock spawns on the West west border and may perhaps move down the map. On the Eastern edge, Outskirts and East Gate teams will most likely converge too. Understanding the prospective threat from several angles will let persons predict PVP scenarios.

Early VS Late Wipe

Quests and objectives would be the focus for a lot of players at the starting of a wipe. This suggests that individuals will flock towards the Scav spawns and points of interest. Quite a few in the Scav spawns are close to the center of the lumber yard beneath the bay. Later within the wipe, the vast majority of players will prioritize loot and PVP. Even though Woods is believed to as the expansive sniper map, survivors will assemble within the populated spawn zones. Gamers ought to find out these zones by way of knowledge and map awareness.

Shoreline: The Definitive Guide

Tarkov's Shoreline map is wide-open, having a large number of forested regions throughout. As opposed to the Factory or Interchange maps, the points of interest are far from each other and separated by wilderness. For that purpose, it can be simple to get caught off guard when traversing it. At the center of the map, there's a river that divides the left and ideal sections of Shoreline. The most common area around the map is the resort, which segregates the north and south on the river. The suitable approach for the map will be dependent upon spawn points and play style. Tarkov's survival-based gameplay meshes properly with the layout of Shoreline, which is developed for intermediate and advanced players. 

Tarkov Shoreline Map


Greatest PVP Locations

The resort could be the hotbed for PVP on Shoreline. It has both probably the most beneficial loot and also the most PMCs. The place is ideal for all those who would like to be aggressive and use short-ranged guns to decimate teams. On the other hand, the region might be slightly chaotic for new players. Those that prefer long-ranged combat will love the regions involving the power station and the gas station. You'll find hills and extended sightlines that encourage extended engagements around the south finish of Shoreline.

Sanitary Spawns

The Scav boss will spawn inside a variety of places. The general locations he will spawn will be the cottages, the resort, plus the pier. The precise spawn point is randomized. Any rounds will defeat the boss, but he will have considerable overall health. Sanitary has two guards or minions who will accompany him at all times. The loot from every one of the enemies is worthwhile. Sanitary will generally drop the new stim, labs card, and key with tape. His guards will drop level 5 armor and also a myriad of weapons.

Protected Loot Areas

Weather Station includes a host of important products spawn throughout raids, and it's not as contested as many of your other locations. Teams spawning on the West will probably be traveling south for the pier or north to the resort. The station is among the better early to mid-game places to loot up ahead of heading to the resort. In the west/northwest, the village and swamp regions have various buildings with worthwhile loot.

Audio Cues

It goes devoid of saying that audio plays an enormous part in Tarkov. On Shoreline, the Scav bosses attract a lot of attention within the mid-game. Constant gunfire and grenade spamming are telltale indicators that a Scav boss is close to. Each wipe, your bosses' places, and other Scavs may perhaps adjust, so it is crucial to listen for widespread cues.

Navigating The Resort

The current state of audio in Tarkov wants some tinkering. Directional and vertical audio is often inconsistent at the resort. Because of this, players need to be interpreting audio but use anticipation to guess where opponents will appear. The resort is three stories tall, and there will be several PMCs roaming the area all the time. Audio is often a valuable tool. Nevertheless, it will have to be combined with intuition. As survivors obtain far more expertise inside the location, they will essentially understand the most popular peek and flank spots in the resort.

How To Get In The Resort

Around the west side of the resort wall, there is a hole that delivers access for the interior with the three-story resort. People today that spawned either for the north or West will likely use this entrance to access the area. There is also a system to enter or exit by way of the admin building. By shooting out the glass windows, teams are going to be able to breach into the resort. The same is true for the hallways on both the east and west wings on the construction.

The Dreaded Minefield

In the southeast corner of your map, there is certainly an expansive minefield. The mines are impossible to find out and can kill men and women if two are activated. Teams that spawn close to the place will have to travel to the north or northwest to prevent breaking their legs on the invisible traps. If gamers do get their legs broken by a mine, they should heal with a CMS kit and retrace their actions to prevent dying.

Avoid The Fields Towards the Southeast

In the southeast quadrant from the map, there is a lot of open regions devoid of cover. Especially, the landscape among the radar tower and climate station is very treacherous. Any individual caught in the flat fields within this sector will be lucky to leave it in one particular piece. As stated, there will be several teams rotating southwest for the pier or northwest to the resort. The higher visitors in this region outcomes inside a convergence of teams and little to no cover all through. Moving along the edge with the map is usually a more productive approach early within the match.

The Wipe Will Determine Movement

Early inside a wipe, the points of interest will probably be contested right after they spawn because a ton of players will be hunting for Scavs to complete quests. Pier and Gas Station will often have players roaming around in the 1st thirty minutes or so of a raid. Alternatively, late within a wipe, the lobby will probably be more PVP-focused. This implies that the Resort and Pier will probably be crawling with enemies looking to take down other survivors. High-tier loot locations and the Scav boss will probably be the main locations that draw in additional folks. Extraction areas will generally be risky regions.

Spawn Place And Method

The very best spawn areas are for the north of the resort. These players or teams will wish to move straight away to the resort and save it. Any of your gamers in West or southeast spawns possess a few selections. They can move up to the resort and fight the group controlling it or rotate south towards the pier. Teams around the west finish of your map will likely remain in that sector early game and move toward the Cottages or Sanitary later inside the raid.


A complete guide tips and everything you need to know in Escape from Tarkov!





Interchange: The Definitive Guide

The Interchange Map on Escape From Tarkov offers many possibilities for players to produce Tarkov money quickly. The map might be fruitful for looters and offensive-minded players. To succeed in Interchange, individuals will want a calculated approach. The Interchange map is certainly one of Escape From Tarkov's most balanced. The spawn points on the map and the amount of loot offered to encourage everyone to rush into the huge mall at the center. It's one of a couple of maps on Tarkov that have a nice balance involving PVP and valuable loot. This list will cover ideas for the PVP aspects of the game and what loot is readily available within the various regions with the map.

Tarkov Interchange Map


Turning The Power On

There is a large amount of beneficial loot in the Power Station region. A PMC will spawn within the Energy Station each raid. Men and women that spawn back on the Notion ramp will have to preserve that in mind if they push Power Station. Thought is a further great spot to loot, and you will find several statues there for collectors. The back offices in Power Station will be the main places to find quality loot inside the station. Attached to the Workplace may be the warehouse section in the station, which contains the energy switch. It is each of the ways at the other end of the building from the workplace door. Outdoors from the Energy Station, there are quite a few other tiny buildings that have weapon boxes and ammo and other barter items.

Goshan Starting Point

There is a ton of ammo and weapon boxes in and around the cargo containers in this location. Players seeking new weapon components or weapons, in general, should verify location although on the map. The shelves inside of Goshan spawn car batteries and spark plugs within the identical areas as in OLI. There are much more than 30 money registers in the retailer also.

Thought Escalator

The escalator close to Idea is exceptionally loud. Later in the game, sprinting up it's likely a death sentence. Everyone patrolling the second floor won't hear the sound till a character is about halfway up it, so gamers can feel no cost to sprint till then. The audio in the escalator travels almost halfway down the hallway towards the left, which can be in all probability as far as any footstep sound travels in Tarkov.

Looting OLI

OLI can be a good location to locate bartering things, as you will discover dozens of valuable things and supplies that line the shelves within the warehouse. Spark plugs generally spawn on the shelves at the end of every single aisle, and car or truck batteries will spawn on the bottom of your identical shelves. Around the back wall with the store, there are vehicle batteries and lightbulbs too. Inside the front left corner with the store, gamers can loot computers and also other products in the offices. OLI has practically every item players will have to have for bartering purposes. In addition, cash registers at the front of the shop will contain cash.

Memorize Audio Cues

This tip will demand each encounter and awareness. Numerous floors inside the second-floor retailers have unique footstep audio. As an example, there is only one particular shop with wood flooring on that level—understanding what the footsteps in each location on the mall sound like will give people today an immense advantage. Hearing the wood sound from the second floor will tip players towards the precise place of opponents for the duration of raids.

Peeking Down

Seeking down from the escalators on the second-floor glass rings are amazing approaches to pick off unaware opponents. The angles might be disadvantageous as well. When the screen reveals a character model's feet, that player will only see the head from the particular person hunting down. As an early offensive strategy, peeking down for the most important floor of the mall could be powerful. Nevertheless, gamers have to be careful and conscious that they may be exposing their head to survivors below.

Dark Is Good

It may appear like an apparent tip, but dark places of the mall would be the only regions that should be occupied with getting a long period, especially inside the mall. The "Starbucks" on prime Ultra is an excellent example of a safe, dark region that may be a strategic spot to hide and drop loot things. Any illuminated areas ought to be avoided later within the game if probable. Gamers will probably be able to speedily determine the locations of enemies in lighted areas, particularly inside a widespread sightline.

Early Raid Tactics

All the spawn points are outside with the huge mall located in the center with the map. Gamers should have one of two approaches within the early game. The very first is taking an Emercom like tactic by rushing into the shops instantly. This could be risky based on the spawn. Regardless of where players spawn around the map, there will be an enemy on either side of the location. The map is a big oval of spawns, with every single surrounding the stores inside the center. The second method would be to find a good place and scan for nearby players. This can be a feasible choice if the entrances to the shops are slightly farther away from the spawn.

Hot Zones

Every single map in Tarkov has congested places and choke points. Aside from the Emercom location, the primary entrances to each of your retailers are hot zones. The stairs major to Notion as an example will commonly possess a couple of players and Scavs camping them. When entering from the front of a shop, there will typically be an enemy moving in the back. Any from the sightlines along the streets are risky locations too, for the reason that you will find several angles enemies can peek from. One particular final example is the lobby among Thought and tRend next for the escalator. This is possibly the worst place to become since all the walkways inside the mall converge at that one particular location: the fewer sightlines, the much better in Tarkov.

Emerson Starting Point

Around the interchange map, you'll find two main POI's outside of the mall, which can be dangerous. The first will be the corner with the map using the Emercom Extract, and the second is around the opposite side on the map near the Railway Extract. An extraction can be a way for Tarkov players to maintain their loot following a raid. Near Emercom, you will generally discover players hiding behind bushes, trees, and vehicles appropriate outdoors of your extraction. Gamers that spawn at Emercom may have at the least two or three players on either side of the road that results in OLI. The safest strategy to enter the principle development would be to head up the ramp and into the back entrance of OLI.


Reserve: The Definitive Guide

Reserve is an awesome map. However, it is usually hectic, especially late in a wipe in Escape from Tarkov. The RReserveis usually a cramped and difficult map to navigate. Comparable to the Interchange map, RReservehas a single principal POI in the center from the map with spawn points about it. The map is around the smaller-sized side and is additional PVP-intensive than most other locations in Tarkov. The style with the places around the Reserve map enables players to have good results with alternatives gameplay designs. Since the extraction points usually do not draw players to the opposite finish with the map, being conservative is a valid way to play. 

Tarkov Reserve Map


Map Awareness And Callouts

In duos and squads, finding out the layout from the map and creating callouts for the many places is extremely beneficial. On reserve, you'll find two unique Pawn, Bishop, and Knight buildings. Understanding which developing is being called out will assist individuals in identifying enemy places and rotations. Because of how congested the center with the map is, gamers will choose to have the ability to determine the direction of just about every threat, and understanding callouts are essential to this.


Finding The Raiders

Raider loot is notoriously fruitful if players can locate them and defeat them. They spawn randomly but will generally be close to the primary POIs inside the center of the map. The alarm button in the hut towards the proper from the White Pawn creating can trigger Raiders to spawn. In addition, they frequently appear close to the Black Pawn constructing and near the Knight buildings. If the armored train arrives, there will practically always be a couple of Raiders in the Train Station.

Taking Down Glukhar

The boss and his guards will drop a good deal of useful loot if PMCs can kill him. Nonetheless, the fight may be frustrating if Raiders and opposing PMCs show up to the third celebration. Glukhar is not as significantly of a tank as many other bosses, but his guards make landing shots hard. Playing within a duo or squad will make the chaos less difficult to cope with. It is normally a sound tactical move to target the guards first and then concentrate on Glukhar. With superior weapons and hopefully a couple of teammates, killing the boss should be straightforward.

Watch Out For Scav Boss Glukhar

Glukhar could be the Scav boss gamers will wish to appear out for on reserve. He spawns in locations throughout the map but will primarily spawn near the Chess buildings, specifically either of your Pawn buildings or the Knight buildings. Glukhar can spawn close to the Railyard at the same time. He features a group of guards that accompany him, and each has a pinpoint aim. Players must watch out for him as they move via the map.

Where To Loot

All of the Chess buildings have worthwhile loot hiding within. The King/Queen building includes much military technology loot, even though Knight buildings have random loot products that vary from raid to raid. The Train Station is an additional excellent place to look for useful things. Any of these marked areas will be contested for the majority of a raid. Any marked creating will have enough loot to be worth the danger and effort involved.

Snipe From The Dome

From the cliffs, nearly the complete map is visible. This area is a sniper's paradise on RReserve On a clear day, it's even feasible to see the Train Station around the opposite finish on the map. Simply because you will find a couple of spawns near the zone and an extraction point, the Dome can be a compact PVP zone. It's a sound strategic move to clear the region just before getting a good cover place and sniping. Other individuals know concerning the sport as well, so scanning beneath for enemy snipers is important too.

Know The Underground Expansion

A couple of months ago, RReservereceived an expansion. A series of underground tunnels that connect the Pawn and Bishop buildings on RReserve The underground tunnel program is confusing. All players should take some time for you to study the intricacies of those regions. The tunnels deliver opportunities to retreat, flank, and kill Raiders. There is also a fair amount of loot underground, so survivors ought to hold an eye out for useful items.

Where To PVP

The Reserve map is modest, and the layout in the buildings makes it feel even smaller-sized. It is hard to pin down a precise place because of how several hot zones you will find on the map. The main places of concentrate are the Chess piece buildings at the center on the map and the Train Station around the bottom appropriate on the map. Reserve is good for PVP because not just about every player will travel to a single zone. Alternatively, gamers will get the chance to fight several enemies in many distinctive spots on the map.

Extracting On The Cliff

Spawn PVP is inevitable on the smaller Reserve map. Gamers who get into fights in the 1st couple of minutes and win will choose to secure their loot as quickly as possible. Anyone who features a starting point in the West or northwest has the Cliff extraction just a handful of hundred meters away. There could be a single PMC close for the descent. However, the extraction is among the safer points within the game. After extracting, survivors can make their way back down the hill to fight additional PMCs or Scavs.

Spawn Tactic

Nearly every single spawn point on reserves close to the edge of your map. The majority of the time, gamers will want to move toward the center of their map straight away and locate a safe place to scan the location. The only spawn points that are fairly protected area close to the Cliff Descent. Normally only one PMC will spawn there, and there's a decent amount of loot in that location. Camping close to spawn at any other place will frequently result in a flank or a grenade barrage from an additional PMC.


The Lab: The Definitive Guide

The Lab is a top-secret underground laboratory facility constructed by the Terra Group underneath the city of Tarkov. It will not exist in any official records, and its existence surfaced only soon after the Tarkov conflict escalated and personnel evacuation had to be carried out. The Lab is usually a special map with many distinctive extraction points, and it could be confusing for new players. Lots of veteran players actively avoid it. To enter the map, the player desires to obtain a keycard, and every extraction point features a process that requires to be completed before it can be accessed. Fortunately, this map also has some of the most beneficial loot inside the game, generating it nicely worth the aggravation. Hence, by far, the riskiest level of the map can also be the highest, so if you want to use this map, you must be cautious.