Escape From Tarkov showcases rich gameplay on the new map of Tarkov Street

Escape From Tarkov / News Date: Jun/11/21 14:45:27 Views: 1111

Battlestate Games received new information about their popular survival shooting game Escape From Tarkov in their luggage at the 2021 Summer Games Festival. As we all know, the game will get a new map called Tarkov Street. The most crucial element is that this expansion will introduce destructible scenarios that complement Tarkov's unique tactical combat and significant impact. Imperative, if there is anything available in my equipment with Tarkov Roubles, it is your frame rate.


The trailer showed most of the content of this new location. It was very open. I was scared to visit it, but in the end, it retained a critical display. What appears to be the leader of Scav has appeared on a damn armored personnel carrier with his crew. Escape from Tarkov is a bloody and cruel world, but it has never had a firepower level like this. If you can't hijack it and drive a car to laugh at other players, I will be an unfortunate person.

Battlestate Games official description of the map includes a half-joking description of the new area: The complex's architecture is dominated by clear geometric shapes and straight lines on the exterior walls. A ventilated exterior wall system is used, warm in winter and cool in summer, with restrained colors. The high ceilings and panoramic windows make people indifferent. Another advantage of the Concordia residential area is that there are enough parking spaces in the underground parking lot-149 parking spaces. The courtyard is closed and landscaping, including games, sports and entertainment functions, and guest parking Bit.

A new video from the E3 show shows detailed gameplay and door-to-door battles:


Vertical battles in cramped houses
The trailer shows an Eastern European city called Concordia, which brings new challenges to players. Because Takov's already mind-blowing gameplay is further strengthened by narrow canyons and multi-story buildings.

Another innovation that will come into play in the upcoming content update: a military vehicle from which many heavily loaded soldiers jump. The trailer left the truth about all this.

It is not yet known when Takov's Streets will be released. But there should be news soon: On June 13, 2021, Nikit Buyanov, the head of the development studio, will reveal more information as part of the Twitch Gaming Gathering Show.