Book New World and get closed beta access

New World / News Date: Jul/16/21 10:07:52 Views: 1135
You can pre-order New World on Amazon and get access to the closed beta. There is also a steel book for MMO to purchase. On August 31, 2021, the new world of Open World MMO will be released by Amazon. Although this has been bookable for a while, it is worth it now. No matter which version of the new world you choose, you will get guaranteed access to the beta version on July 20.
To receive the beta key:
If you book New World before July 18, 2021, you will receive a closed beta version of the Steam key via email on July 19th. If you decide to buy after the test starts, you will receive the key within 48 hours.
Pre-order rewards:
If you decide to buy before the launch of New World, these rewards are waiting for you.
Amulet of Isabella
Fist emoji
Set of guild emblems
Title The First Expedition
This is the new world:
It took place in the 17th century on the fictional and mysterious island of Aeternum, an open-world MMO. In the vast game world, large-scale battles in PvP and PvE await you. There are also houses, unique crafts (to be the best armorer), and many horror elements, You can use New World Coins to buy them in the auction house.
Buy New World on Amazon
You can purchase the standard version (main game only) and the deluxe version of the new world. The game is only available digitally. However, if you wish, you can buy a steel coil for 10 USD.
This includes the New World Deluxe Edition:
Woodcutter armor design
Woodcutter axe design
Great Dane as a pet
Rock/Scissors/Paper Emoji Set
Digital album