Why using Escape from Tarkov therapist is a bad idea

Escape From Tarkov / Guides Date: May/19/21 09:49:15 Views: 1949


The therapist in the online shooting game Escape from Tarkov not only sells you medical equipment and food but also allows her to heal you after a raid. It doesn't even cost a lot of money, of course, it is fast. The amount you need to pay depends on the injury and your level of loyalty, and you have recovered. However, the maximum cost of damage shall not exceed 10K EFT Roubles.

Carefully consider your visit to the doctor.
Why is it not a good idea to use this service?
Although you can recover quickly under relatively cheap conditions, you will not get many experience points other than choosing self-recovery.
For example, you can use a small medical kit for rehabilitation, which can give you or your damaged limbs up to 100 lives. Every time you use it, your healing skills will improve, and you can gain experience points.

The player and Reddit user Gopblin explained this: Assuming that your average experience value per raid is 1,000 and the survival rate is 33%. After three charges, you can get 3,000 XP, and pass Object recovery can reach 3600 times the experience value using the therapist service. If you click the mouse twice, the difference is 20%.

What are the other advantages of self-healing? It can also be cheaper to heal yourself. For example, the grizzly first aid kit can be used multiple times, which is very cost-effective.
In addition, if you can heal yourself, you can improve your healing skills to level up faster. On the other hand, if you let the therapist treat you, it will not improve your treatment skills.

Of course, you always have to decide for yourself, and the more important thing for yourself is to upgrade your level faster or get a quick recovery. Especially in the first ten levels of the game, it is necessary to speed up the upgrade to unlock the flea market. But in the end, you decide how to develop Escape in Tarkov.