What bonus for League of Legends Mobile upgrade

LOL Mobile: Wild Rift / Guides Date: Nov/02/20 04:51:11 Views: 354

The LOL mobile game has recently been launched, and many players have already experienced it in the game. In the game, players can gain experience by participating in the game, and then upgrade the game level and get rewards. Then, what rewards are awarded for upgrading in the game? In the League of Legends mobile game, many friends may not know what this upgrade reward is. There are many rewards. The article will then bring you a list of the League of Legends' upgrade rewards: Wild Rift.

League of Legends: Wild Rift upgrade bonus content list
1. Before level 10 in the game, players will give heroes every time they level up.
2. The heroes given at level 10 are Galen, Jinx, Ari, Robot, Juggernaut, Ice, Annie, Wei, Gotou, Lux, Jana.
3. After the player's level exceeds 10, and all blue essences will be given except for special levels.
4. 200 shop currency will be given for level 15.
5. Level 25 will provide an emoji and 50 shop currency.
6. At level 30, a Hex treasure chest and 50 shop currency will be provided.
7. Level 35 gives an emoticon and 50 shop currency.
8. Level 40 will give you an avatar frame, avatar, and 50 shop currency.

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