Ultimate Poe leveling Guide: Level up Faster than ever before

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Running the campaign every season is frustrating, especially if you have only a weekend to spare. It takes you at least two days to complete the entire even if you're hoofing it at top speed. So what are you doing wrong? What can do you to level faster, chew throughout the entire campaign of PoE 3.14, and start mapping and farming for end game items?
Well, you'll be pleased to know that you don't require any kind of crazy skills or talents, or abe mean killing machine to clear maps faster. It's quite simple and will only require a couple of minutes to learn the process. You'll still need to practice which if you do correctly, will enable you to clear the campaign within a day. So without further ado, let's begin.



NO.1 Importance of Movement Items
Movement is key when it comes to fast leveling in Path of Exile. Even boss killers have some sort of movement bonus to progress faster in-game. If you plan on finishing the campaign within a day, prioritize movement above all else.
Now there are two ways you can increase the movement speed of your character. You can either buy items that buff speed or craft them. The other way is to use movement-based skills such as smoke mine, which we will address later.
A Seven-League Step gives you 50% increased movement speed. So if you hate leveling have a few chaoses lying around, but the boots.
If you cannot afford the Sevel-League Step, craft some fast boots. To do so, just buy a simple set of white boots, such as Chain Boots. Sell them to the vendor along with an Orb of Augmentation and Quicksilver Flask to receive Blue Movement Speed boots. You can repeat the process to get a 5% increased movement speed every time and based on the capability of the item.

NO.2 Importance of Movement Skills
Movement skills can also increase your movement. There are certain moves that let you dash or teleport, thereby allowing you to cover short distances rather quickly. One such skill is the Smoke Mine.
There are two benefits to this skill making it one of the best movement options in the game. After you've thrown the mine, you'll be teleported to it once it detonates. It also grants a secondary 25% movement speed buff after the detonation. Simple set your left click as the default detonate trigger and start spam clicking. You'll reach the end in no time.

NO.3 You don't have to kill everything
Set your priorities. Your goal is to clear the map as soon as possible. Therefore you don't have to kill everything that crosses your path. Avoid fights wherever possible and storm through the hordes like there is no tomorrow.
Speaking of killing enemies, you should also pick your nodes. Simply type in /passive in chat to see the entire list of quests that grant passive skill points. Leveling is not a priority. If you're following the guide, by the end you should be close to level 64. Now most players might not be comfortable with such low levels, but it can be done. So, you skip a fair number of passive skill points quests and still have a decently powerful character. If a quest is too long or is a bit of a grind, avoid it.
Think of it this way. Once you're a higher-level character, you can complete these quests in a flash. So your main goal is to reach the end.

NO.4 Farming Blood Aqueducts
Since you're speed leveling, there will come a point when you fall way behind in terms of levels. At this point, you'll have to level and the best place to do so is probably the Blood Aqueducts. You can level here until you reach LVL 61 and not need to stop till the end of the campaign.
The reason why Blood Aqueducts is best for fast leveling is because of the lack of too many branching paths. The zones are quite straightforward with narrow lanes dense with a comparatively high number of monsters.
Now since you're leveling, buy some decently powerful gear to help see throughout the rest of the campaign. Your gear needs to be upgraded otherwise your character will fall flat on its face. Get a Tabula Rasa, a Locthonial Caress, Praxis rings, Sevel-league, a Goldrim, and some random items to complete your character. You can get everything for just 15 chaos which is nothing compared to the end results. Steps You should have accumulated a decent amount of PoE currency by now. In case you haven't you can always buy PoE currency from the multitude of online stores that have PoE orbs for sale. It's cheap, affordable, and saves you hours worth of in-game grind time.

NO.5 Take advantage of League Starters
Unless you're a pro, always follow a build guide and league starters are best in this regard. Just be careful because some builds actually require higher levels, skills, and items to scale properly. They might not work well as your character will almost always be under-leveled. So choose a league starter that performs well even when it's under-leveled.
Also, if you're playing for the first time, following a build saves you the trouble of experimenting with everything to figure out what works and what doesn't. League starters have everything listed, what items you need, what skills you require, where you should use your skill points, and much more. So always follow league starters when you're speeding through the campaign.

NO.6 Accept that you're going to die
Running an under-leveled character means that you're going to die quite often, which shouldn't be an issue for you since you're leveling and this is your first run. The only time dying actually affects your XP gain is when you hit LVL 80 which comes way later in the game. So stop worrying, finish the campaign as fast as possible, and start your journey towards the endgame. Good Luck!