Top 6 Trading Methods to Make Coins in FIFA 22

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In this article, I will be covering a lot of different great methods you can use in FIFA 22 to make more coins.


1. Tech Avion/OP selling


If you want to you can even list these cards 20% over going rate it's a bit of personal preference.


This method is an insane op way of making FIFA 22 coins and it does not require an insane amount of effort. Basically what you do is find meta cards between 10-30k is what I prefer. Then you try to snipe or bid on these cards for around 5% under their going rate. You buy these cards when they have either a position changed card or a chem style on them. Then you list the card for about10% over the market price of this card. This usually ends up with you getting a lot of lazy sales and making decent FIFA 22 coins.


Players that worked well in FIFA 21


tech avion op selling


If you guys are able to find similar cards to these in FIFA 22 then I think those will be the most effective. with a hawk or hunter or a position change and you should end up getting quite a few sales. Personally, I prefer finding a range of players and picking up a few of each. Filling up your transfer list is key for this method.


Be cautious! 


When flipping cards using this method or any method in general during the earlier stages of the game I would highly recommend getting out of all cards pre 6 pm. This is because any supply early game has the possibility to drop cards a lot and it's therefore smart to stay on the safe side and be as liquid as possible pre 6 pm IMO.


2. Substitute Investing


Substitute investing is when you buy a player that has dropped a lot because of a new replacement SBC. This replacement SBC is either someone in the same position or the same player like the one you want to buy. The reason these players rebound is either because the new SBC expires and those that forgot to do the SBC need a player in that position. It can also be the case that the new SBC is overpriced and people panic sold unnecessarily and start panic buying back once they realize how overpriced the SBC is.


Example from FIFA 21


Substitute Investing


An example of a substitute investment from FIFA 21 is AOUAR FUT birthday. After his TOTS SBC came out he dropped down to 180k. Then as soon as the AOUAR TOTS SBC expired he rebounded to a price of 225k. This is because people wanted an AOUAR for their team, but forgot to do the tots SBC.


3. Rash Investing


Rash investing is when you see a new SBC or objective is released and instantly buy something required. An example of this could be a puzzle SBC. Let's say it requires 1 nation, but multiple leagues. Then David Abraham could be a good investment. It could also be a club being required in MMS like Olympus Lyon. you would then rush to buy ol players and sell shortly after for a decent profit. something to be aware of when rash investing is selling fast enough because sometimes the drop afterward is even faster than the initial rise.


4. OTW trading


OTW trading is when you trade with OTW cards. I will show 2 times and reasons to buying them and I will also provide you with an example. 


1. What to do when a player has a bad performance 

2. What to do when a player has a good performance


When a player has a bad performance


When do I buy?

When a player has a bad performance you buy after people stop panic selling.


When do I sell?

The best sell time is usually in the pre-hype to the next game. Sell 2 hours or so before their next game.


This method should be even better now in the coming year with the OTW cards getting an upgrade if they win 5 of the first 10 games which should increase the hype massively.


When a player has a good performance


When do I buy?

After a player has a good performance which could be TOTW worthy you wait for all the gamblers to sell out and then in the evening you buy the player in hope of the player hitting predictions.


When do I sell?

You sell the player on Monday or Tuesday in the hype before TOTW. Hopefully, the card ended up hitting predictions as anticipated and rose a good amount.


When a player has a good performance example


OTW Trading


Semedo got MOTM on some websites after his game against crystal palace. I picked him up the day after the game and sold on Tuesday once he reached TOTW predictions. 60k rise in only 3 days really shows the hype around these cards early game.


5. Link Investing


Link Investing is when you buy a player that links to a new SBC/objective. This is a really effective way of making FIFA 22 coins. That is because people tend to switch their teams around new players. These new SBCs or objectives are often cheaper and better than what you could get on the market for a similar time useage or coin useage. You usually have multiple buy windows in a link investment. You can either rash invest right away when you see the new SBC/objective come out or you can buy the day after when people have sold what they bought and you can then expect a slow and steady rise.


Example from fifa21


Link Investing


An example of a link investment from FIFA 21 is Dumfries Rulebreakers. You could buy him at 23.5k the day after the Eredivisie Milestone was released. You could then sell him 3 days later for a good 7.5k pat per card.


6. Foddah Investing


I want to emphasize that this is risky. Foddah is probably the way I both made and lost the most coins in FIFA 21


SBC Foddah investing is when you buy cards whose only purpose in FIFA is to fit into SBCs. This is probably one of the easiest methods in FIFA but does rely slightly on ea giving us gamble SBCs and good content in general. In this guide | will show you some investment points throughout the last few years that have been consistently profitable. I will still say that it is no guarantee you will make profit t by buying at these points, but a really high probability.


November is a time when Foddah usually ends up being profitable. The main problem is finding the low point. imo you just need to watch the cards heavily and if you see them drop super low then buy them. their low point is usually is anywhere from Nov 23-nov 28.


Foddah Investing


Thank you for reading the whole guide and I hope it at least gave you some help in your future trading journey.