The Secret Quality of Life Features of the Path of Exile

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Private Alliance in Path of Exile: Ultimatum Ul conference has started! You can now create them in advance for players who plan to join the Private Ultimatum League at launch. Please note that you will not participate in these activities until the official launch on April 16 (PDT). Here, EZNPC shares PoE secret life quality functions. I will share some more hidden life quality functions in Path of Exile.


Perandus Coins for Wisdom Scrolls

The Scroll of Wisdom is a common Poe currency item that can identify magic, rare or unique items, and sure safes. This reveals their modifiers and, if equipped, allows them to be fitted.
You can exchange 5x Perandus coins for 1x Reel of Wisdom.

Bestiary Orbs from Anywhere

Your Bestiary panel, search for the ball you want, and then directly spheroid it from the Bestiary panel. I don't know when it was added, or it has been there since the beginning, but I only learned about it today, and it changed the rules of the game.

Vaal Side Areas with Vaal Fragments

Uber Lab dropped a lot of debris from the box.
Act Six-Tide Island. The spawning rate in the child area is high, the layout of the small circle type and the profound existence of mobs can catch up with the techniques of the prophet.
Vaaled Maps, the boss has a chance to drop a Vaal fragment or Vaal gem.
The second reason above is the hidden Vaal Pathways prophecy in all the signs you are experiencing.

Vaal Fragments for IIQ

Putting a Vaal fragment with any white, blue, or yellow map (such as Twilight Sacrifice) into the map device will consume the piece to enhance the IIQ of the map. So far, I found Dusk gave +5% IIQ but could not test other clips.

5 Slot Map Device

The fifth slot can be unlocked by completing the "Eternal Conflict Domain" using four flags, as shown in the Atlas Quick Guide. After activating the "Map Device," six portals to the map area will open. Each entrance can only be used once and will be closed once the player leaves the room.

Bulk Buy Flares and Dynamite

Hold down the Shift key and click on the craft to see the torch and explosives that need to be filled to the maximum amount available. Click too much to buy all these flares and explosives. Or a button near the craft button called the "Maximum Craft."

Always Attack Without Moving

When you click one of the skill icons in the lower right corner of the screen, a pop-up box will be displayed above the skill you selected, and you can use them to check or cancel in-situ attacks.
Therefore, if you are next to the edge, your character will walk (or try to walk) until they can jump to a position above you.
If you are surrounded, it means that your leap has failed, and you are dead. After enabling "Don't Move Attack," your character will immediately jump and slam and do its best.
Many players have left clicks in this way. There is no need to keep changing gears without a hands-on attack, and I don’t know how "in-place attack" uses motor skills.

Refill Flasks in Hideout

When you are on the rest of the map, you can hide it to equip the hook agent flask, and when you return to the map, the flask is full.