The most useful shortcut in Path of Exile

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For new players, just learning how to play the game can become very complicated. Therefore, Eznpc has compiled a series of useful shortcut keys. You should know these shortcut keys to browse the game quickly. It is essential to be familiar with the Road of Exile user interface and navigate it quickly. In PoE, to survive, you need to add passive skills, upgrade equipment, and utilize skills from many resources. Understanding PoE shortcut keys will significantly improve your gaming experience and speed up many repetitive functions in PoE.


Note: The following list of shortcuts is not every shortcut option provided by the game, but a series of useful shortcuts that you usually perform regularly.

Useful Shortcut

- Hold down the Alt key, and then move the mouse over an item of the equipment to compare it with the part you placed.
- The Ctrl key also has a useful effect: if you have two windows open, for example at a dealership, you can immediately move the item to another window while holding down the Ctrl key + left click.
- If you want to share a stackable object, hold down Shift and click the left mouse button on the corresponding object.
- In order to continuously complete an area, for example, because you want to collect experience points there, you can create a new instance by pressing the Ctrl key while clicking the left mouse button at the area entrance.

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Chat Shortcuts

- Ctrl+Enter to reply to the most recent whisper you’ve received. Ctrl up or down to scroll through recent whispers.
- Ctrl+Shift+Enter to reply to party chat.
- Shift+Enter to reply to Global chat.
- Ctrl+Alt+Left click an item to link it in chat.