The best Path of Exile currency Guides for the new League

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The most important thing to earn Poe currency is that your Build has low equipment requirements and does not rely on Rarity equipment. It only needs 4 or 5 to reach the strength of T5 or higher, which can accumulate a lot of currency.

Cheap Poe Currency


In the first two weeks of New League or the first week, the most expensive is not the sublime stone or Rarity equipment. The drop rate of valuable Rarity is not high. The most expensive is always the high-level alien map and your solution. After the map rate is increased, the map can be mass-produced.

For example, today is the 7th day of the test. I sold a t15 with a conscience price of 20 x Chaos Orbs. If I fight monsters, I have to move ten sets. Generally, the initial map price is 1 Orb of Alchemy below t4, two Orb of Alchemy for t5, 1 Chaos Orbs for t6 and t7, and two Chaos Orb t8 and t9. When the price is above t10, the price increases geometrically. The first two days can be sold at a t13. 15xChaos Orb, almost no one like t15 hangs out.

Everyone knows that maps are expensive and can be mass-produced. If you want to mass-produce, you need a high-resolution rate and many items. Incidentally, playing treasures will not affect the map drop.

Let me talk about how to increase the number of items. It's quite simple. It is the drawing pin Orb of Scouring. In the initial stage, Cartographer's Chisel and Vaal Orb are very cheap. The cost of filling Cartographer's Chisel and Vaal on the white map is around 2c. To ensure the bottom line, I usually only do this for maps t9 and above. Orb of Alchemy. There is also a critical point here: to use Orb of Alchemy to wash disgusting affixes as much as possible, the kind you can play. Disgusting affixes can increase the size of the monster group and the number of items, so you need to use Orb. Scouring, I usually do this for t11 and above, but Vaal Orb sometimes gives you affixes that make you surprised. For example, after the watts are lower, the number of affixes is much lower, and the affixes increase damage. T15 tiles become t16. These are good.

It's also essential to have a few friends to play together. Instead of grouping and drawing pictures, you’ll use their own. When they’re drawing pictures that you don’t know, go to a boss. If there are many people, you can solve the photos like this, But it's speedy. I play alone, so I get to t17 in 5 days. However, as far as I know, foreigners with fast speed only need 3 to 4 days.

Regarding the way of making money for casual players, it is straightforward. Change your currency to Vaal Orb, Cartographer's Chisel, Orb of Scouring, Orb of Alchemy stone in the first week of the season. Change chaos or sublime. Just leave some chaos and change equipment for yourself to increase your strength. Wait ten days before you start selling these in New League. You will find that at least the appreciation will be more than doubled. Anyway, leisure means playing for an hour or two a day and slowly passing the plot. After ten days, the map is also cheaper, and you can organize a small partner or the same union to solve the map together.