PoE Regal Orb Guide: Path Of Exile Vendor Recipe, Definition, Price & More

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PoE Regal Orb Guide

In Path of Exile, Regal Orbs is also a quite popular currency item, for it has a quite wide usage. However, some Path of Exile beginners might not know how to use this Orb appropriately, therefore, I posted this article to try to introduce this Orb as thoroughly as possible, if you are just a starter of PoE, then you really should know what is Regal Orb, how to farm Regal Orb, and how to use this Orb, if you are interested, let's dive into it.

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QUESTION01: What's The Regal Orb In Path Of Exile?


According to the Path of Exile official statement, a Regal Orb is a Path of Exile currency item that could be used to upgrade a piece of magic equipment to rare equipment. And of course, the current modifiers are all retained and one new random affix is also added. In other words, you can use a Regal Orb to upgrade a Magic item to a Rare item.

QUESTION02: What's The Price Of Regal Orb In PoE?


1 Regal Orb = 0.0322 Chaos Orb
1 Regal Orb = 0.0013 Exalted Orb

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QUESTION03: How To Use Vendor Recipes To Get Regal Orb In Path Of Exile?


No.1: You can get some Regal Orbs by doing the following vendor recipes:

Use Vendor Recipes To Get Regal Orbs

No.2: Here comes a Full Rare Sets Regal Orb Vendor Recipe Example:

You may not know that these recipes require a full set of rare items. A full set is capable of filling all item slots in the inventory screen (of course, not including flasks, a quiver, or the alternate weapon). It consists of, specifically:

One of the following items: Two-Handed Weapon (including bows, quiver (not so necessary))x1, One-Handed Weapon x1, and Shield x1, One-Handed Weapon x2, or Shield x2

**Amulet ×1
**Belt ×1
**Body Armour ×1
**Boots ×1
**Gloves ×1
**Helmet ×1
**Ring ×2

Usually, Tier maps 6~10 drop 73~77 item level, and then, tier maps 11~17 farming 78~84 item level. And the following image shows one of my Path of Exile Regal Orb vendor recipe lists:

Path of Exile Regal Orb Vendor Recipe

QUESTION04: How To Farm Regal Orb In PoE?


1. The drop level of Regal Orb is 12 and its drop rate is around 0.207%. This PoE Currency could be dropped by killing monsters, chest, and some destructible containers. Of course, they also drop from Arcanist's Strongboxes.

2. You also can get Regal Orbs by vendoring a full set of rare items with item level 75 or above to an NPC. And usually, a full set consists of weapons/shield, two rings, an amulet, gloves, boots, helm, body armor, and of course, a belt. And for you, you can check the item level of an item for this by hovering over the item while pressing the Alt key. Of course, if you sell an unidentified set of items just like that described, well, you can get two Regal Orbs, if any of the items is identified, that means, you will get one Regal Orb.

3. The above recipe is not worth doing unless you really need a Regal Orb though, if one of the items you use is item level 74 or much lower, well, congratulations to you, you will get Chaos Orbs, which are way better.

4. You can use Regal Shard to get Regal Orb, 20 Regal Shard, and then you can get 1 Regal Orb. A stack of 20 Regal Shards becomes a Regal Orb. Moreover, the drop level of Regal Shard is 12. And about that, you can obtain from maps with the Harbingers modifier. Harbingers modifiers also could be found as part of Zana missions, Harbinger modes in the Azurite Mine, or maps using the Harbinger league modifier from Zana’s map device.

5. Farming Regal Orb by using Divination Card, and the specific number is you can use 9x Coveted Possession to get 5x Regal Orb.

Here are some drop areas you can find these Divination Cards: Bone Crypt Map: The Catacombs(Act 3): The Ossuary (Act 5): The Ossuary (Act 10).

6. Use Prophecy to get Regal Orb, a Regal Death is a prophecy, you can kill a King or a Queen unique monster and then reward a Regal Orb.

7. One of the fastest methods to get Regal Orb is through exchanging currency items with some other players. And the following is the reference price. You can check that for your reference.

8. Last but not least, the price of Regal Orb is $0.171/100 on EZNPC, and this website offers various legit and cheap Path of Exile currency to buy. Start to enjoy PoE by owning a safe PoE Orb of Alteration.

Use Other Items To Get Path of Exile Regal Orb

QUESTION05: How To Use Regal Orb In Path Of Exile?


1): You can upgrade a magic item, a Regal Orb could be used to upgrade a piece of magic equipment to rare. Of course, the current modifiers are all remained and one new random affix is added.

2): You also can use Regal Orb by upgrading magic Maps or Strongboxes, an additional modifier is quite useful for improving Maps or Strongboxes, for it can yield massive additional loots.

3): Exchange Regal Orb to Chaos Orb will also grant you use Regal Orb, Chaos Orb in Path of Exile reforges a rare item with some new random modifiers. You also can exchange Chaos Orbs for Regal Orbs with some other players. The ratio of Regal Orb to Chaos Orb is 49.2:1.

4): In a quite long crafting process, you also can use Regal Orb, while you are in this procedure, using a Regal Orb is a middle step when you are crafting a magic item with a good affix(s) into a rare. If the affix added by the Regal Orb is needed, one could continue adding up to a total of six affixes through master crafting (using the Can have multiple crafted mods suffix) or the use of Exalted Orbs. However, if the affix is not desirable, then an Orb of Annulment can be used to remove an affix randomly (hopefully the undesirable one).

5): Just as you know, Regal Orbs could be used to purchase certain skill gems from vendors as well.

6): Several years ago, Regal Orbs in Path of Exile used to be as expensive as a Chaos Orb, but right now, has gotten cheap in the past few leagues. You might want to check the price before you waste them, but likely you will not have to think too much about when you ar using them.

7): Path of Exile Regal Orbs sometimes are used on Jewels, if you have a quite good magic jewel and want to make it even much better, then you need to use a Regal Orb on it to add another mod.

8): One method of end game crafting involves rolling a quite good Magic item with Orbs of Alteration and then turning the item Rare with a Regal Orb. After that additional mods could be added on the crafting bench or just by using Exalted Orbs.

And that is everything you need to know about Path of Exile Regal Orb, if you think the content is not cover every aspect of this Orb, you can contact us and then leave your question or additions. And we are always appreciate that so much.