PoE Guide: Path Of Exile Vaal Orb - Price, Odds, Recipes And More

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Finally, it comes to Vaal Orb, one of the most "mysterious" Orb in Path of Exile. About this Orb in PoE involves massive content, therefore, it's not very friendly to a lot of players, especially new gamers. We will try to make it as clear as possible. Now, let's dive into the Vaal Orb's world.

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Question 1: What Is Vaal Orb In Path Of Exile?

In Path of Exile, Vaal Orbs are a currency item that will corrupt an item, making unpredictable and possibly powerful results. Once an item is corrupted, then its stats no longer be modified by any other PoE currency. And that, unfortunately, also includes restoring imprints from an Eternal Orb. Although, you can still craft sockets and links at a Crafting Bench by using a Vaal Orb in addition to the requirements. All in all, you can use a Vaal Orb to corrupt an Item. To some extent, using Vaal Orbs on your equipment is like a real gamble. A lot of players will use it as the finishing touch, to offer their items an opportunity to gain an additional powerful property.

Question 2: What's The Price Of Vaal Orb In PoE?

1 Vaal Orb = 0.1895 Chaos Orb

1 Vaal Orb = 0.0031 Exalted Orb

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Question 3: How Does Vaal Orb Affect Path Of Exile Items?

The First One Is: Vaal Orb On Equipment Chances

No Effect. It will simply Corrupt the item without altering any of the stats. The item will only gain the "Corrupted" attribute which makes you unable to use other Orbs on it.

Change Socket Colors To White. If you want to change one or more sockets to white sockets. This has a 1/4 chance of occurring, with a 1/10 chance for each additional socket (1/40 for two, up to 1/400000 for 6 white sockets). As you can see, this event can most likely even occur when the equipment has no sockets and will have the identical phenotype to “no effect”. The assumption comes from the Altar of Corruption where the white socket achievement could be obtained from jewelry.

Reroll The Item Into A Rare Item With Randomized Sockets, Links, And 6 Random Affixes. If this result is chosen, there is a one in thirty-six chance the item will have the maximum number of sockets and links. "Also, it's not a 1/36 chance to 6 link, it's 1/144 chance to 6 link (because 75% of the time it picks another option)". An item with "prefixes cannot be changed" or "suffixes cannot be changed" will retain those mods, similar to using a chaos orb.

Add A Unique Vaal Implicit Modifier. This will remove the actual implicit modifiers on the item if there are any, but this is generally the best thing that can happen when you are using a Vaal Orb. Using Vaal Orbs on the majority of Items can offer them very powerful Vaal properties which includes giving you the opportunity to Curse enemies with every Hit on Gloves, increase the number of Maximum Frenzy Charges (Belt), Power Charges (Helmet), and Endurance Charges (Boots) or give you a +1 Chain or +1 Arrow on Quivers (the Quiver Mods can be worth a fortune if you get them on a solid base).

Transform Certain Unique Items Into Another Unique. It is not known how this outcome affects the chances of other outcomes. At equal weighting, the chance for transformation would be in the below cases at 20%.

The Second One Is: Vaal Orb On Maps Chances

(1): Change Nothing. Other than adding the corrupted property.

(2): Reroll The Map With Random Affixes. With a chance to increase the Map Tier by 1 level. Hence, Tier 15 Map which is corrupted this way, has approximately 50% Chance to turn into a Tier 16 Corrupted Vaal Temple Map.

(3): Reroll The Map And Offer It Exactly Eight Affixes. Item corrupted this way always retains its' base, and has always eight new affixes

(4): Unidentified The Item. Retaining its affixes and quantity bonus. Unidentified magic or rare maps receive a 30% bonus quantity.

In addition to these effects, all bosses of corrupted maps also have an opportunity to drop Sacrifice Vaal Fragments or Vaal Skill Gems.

The Third One Is: Vaal Orb On Gems Chances

As you can see, Corrupting Gems is also possible in Path of Exile, which is the perfect method to acquire their corresponding Vaal Gems, and I have to admit, it's one of the methods to upgrade your Gems above their maximum level and Quality percentage to above 20. When you are using a Vaal Orb on a Skill or Support Gem, usually, the possible outcomes are:

1. No Effect. The Gem, however, gets Corrupted and you can no longer alter it's Quality or the level above 20.

2. Gem's Level Increases Or Decreases By 1. Max level gems can exceed their normal maximum this way. A corrupted gem at the normal maximum will not continue to gain experience.

3. Add Or Subtract 1-10 Quality. Gems can reach up to 23% Quality that way. If your Gems lose Quality in the process, you will no longer be able to upgrade it by any means.

4. Change The Gem To Its Corresponding Vaal Gem. Retaining its level and Quality. If you are aiming to get this effect, make sure to Upgrade the Quality beforehand

The Fourth One Is: Vaal Orb On Jewels Chances

Well, here comes the last one, the last group of items that could be altered using Vaal Orbs is Jewels. Since Jewels do not carry any Implicit modifiers at the very beginning, it's a perfect way to upgrade them slightly. But, just as usual, it's not the only possible outcome. I mean if you use Vaal Orb on a jewel these are the potential results:

No.1: Nothing Changes. Quite similar to all other items, you simply get the "Corrupted" attribute and you no longer can change this Jewel.

No.2: Add A Special Vaal Implicit Mod. Which is usually the best possible outcome, and modifiers like Immunity to Corrupted Blood, increased Damage, or Crit. Chances are the ones you should count on getting.

No.3: Jewel Turns Into A Random Rare Or Vaal-Exclusive Unique Jewel. Which is one of the few ways to get some Vaal Unique Jewels like Fevered Mind, which is one of the most popular ones from the available options.

The Fifth One Is: Vaal Orb On Strongboxes Chances

When you are using Vaal Orbs on a Strongbox some or all of the items within the Strongbox will become corrupted. Please note that unidentified items cannot be corrupted.

The Sixth One Is: Vaal Orb On Flasks

Flasks cannot be corrupted.

The Seventh One Is: Vaal Orb On Unique Items Example

Vaal Orb on Unique Items Example In PoE

Here is the conclusion from the above image:

10%: Others
20%: Adds A Vaal Implicit
30%: No Effect (other than adding the corrupted property)
40%: Degrade The Unique Item To A Rare Item

PLEASE NOTED: Because the sample is too limited, the conclusion is just for your reference and we can not guarantee it is 100% correct.

The Eighth One Is: The Dropping Odds Of Vaal Orb On Tabula Rasa

Ⅰ: No Effect: Adding a corrupted property and make Tabula Rasa could not be changed more.

Ⅱ: You can add or replace an implicit modifier:

*+1 to Level of Socketed Gems
*+1% to all maximum Resistances
*+2 to Level of Socketed AoE Gems
*+2 to Level of Socketed Aura Gems
*+2 to Level of Socketed Curse Gems
*+2 to Level of Socketed Duration Gems
*+2 to Level of Socketed Projectile Gems
*+2 to Level of Socketed Trap or Mine Gems
*+2 to Level of Socketed Warcry Gems
*(3–5)% additional Physical Damage Reduction while stationary
*(4–6)% increased maximum Energy Shield
*(4–6)% increased maximum Life
*(4–6)% reduced Chaos Damage taken
*(4–6)% reduced Cold Damage taken
*(4–6)% reduced Fire Damage taken
*(4–6)% reduced Lightning Damage taken
*(40–50)% increased Damage
*You take 50% reduced Extra Damage from those Critical Strikes

Ⅲ: You can reroll Tabala Rasa into a rare item with randomized sockets, links and, of course, six random affixes.

Question 4: How To Use Vendor Recipe To Get Vaal Orb In PoE?

1-: Here comes the Vendor Recipe for Getting A Vaal Orb:

Vendor Recipe for Getting A Vaal Orb

As a matter of fact, Vaal Skill Gems Vendor recipe is worth doing. You can farm a lot of these gems from bosses of corrupted maps, corrupted areas, and Gemcutter's Strongbox, etc.

2-: Here comes the Vaal Orb Involved Vendor Recipe:

Some Certain Vaal Orb Involved Vendor Recipe In Path of Exile

As you can see different types of items usually have different Random Vaal Outcomes.

Question 5: How To Farm Vaal Orb In Path Of Exile?

01. You can get a Vaal Orb in PoE by selling 7 Vaal skill gems along with 1 sacrifice fragment to an NPC. However, this recipe is probably not worth the effort, rather purchase your Vaal Orbs from some other players.

02. You can farm Vaal Orb by killing enemies, opening chests, and destroying Arcanist's Strongboxes in Path of Exile, the drop level of Vaal Orb is 12 and its drop rate is around 0.689%.

03. In PoE, the Corrupt is a prophecy. Killing a boss in a Vaal side area will reward you a Vaal Orb. And a Vaal side area or a corrupted area is a randomly-generated side area indicated by a glowing, beating heart and swirling ribbons of blood.

04. Do Vaal Orb Recipe, just as I said you can acquire this Orb by doing the Vaal Skill Gem vendor recipe.

05. As I suggested, you can trade PoE Currency item to get Vaal Orb, in the PoE currency trade marketplace, the price of Vaal Orb is equal to either 12 Orbs of Chance, 0.1833 Chaos Orbs , or 0.0041 Exalted Orb.

06. How about using Vaal Orb Divination Card to get Vaal Orb? You can follow the following image:

Vaal Orb Divination Card To Get Vaal Orb In PoE

07. Last but not least, the price of Vaal Orb is $0.531/100 on EZNPC, and this website offers various cheap and legit Path of Exile currency to purchase. Start to enjoy PoE by owning a safe PoE Vaal Orb.

Question 6: How To Use Vaal Orb In PoE?

1):As you can see, Vaal Orbs are quite valuable and, of corse, mostly useful in the end game.

2):In Path of Exile, corrupting an item with a Vaal Orb makes it so that you cannot use any other currency items on it any longer. For instance, you cannot change the sockets easily. However, you can possibly still change it on a crafting bench.

3):When you are corrupting an item, there might cause many possible outcomes. One of the outcomes (the ratio is about 25% chance) is always that nothing happens, the item just becomes corrupted. For a piece of equipment, there is a chance to add a new implicit modifier (the ratio is about 25% chance), which could be very powerful. In the same way, there is also a chance to get white sockets on your item (the ratio is about 25% chance) - white sockets could hold gems of any color.

4):There is also an opportunity of "bricking" your item; converting it to a quite random rare item (the ratio is about 25% chance).

5):Since you could basically destroy your item with this, and what's worse, it could not be changed after corrupting, you'd better be sure not to use Vaal Orbs on anything important or that you don't have a replacement for.

6):When you are using Vaal Orbs on endgame maps could increase their rewards, you could change the map into one with 8 mods (the ratio is about 25% chance) both of which increase the quantity of items that could be found on the map. This might worth doing with high-level (red) maps sometimes.

7):All in all, you'd better keep your Vaal Orbs for the endgame, when you aware of what you are doing, or you also can just sell them to other players.