PoE Guide: Path Of Exile Cartographer's Chisel Guide

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Cheap Poe Currency What is Cartographer's Chisel In Path Of Exile?


Technically, a Cartographer's Chisel is also a PoE currency item that is used to increase the quality of a map. And of course, the amount of quality given depends on how the rarity of the map is.

And currently, What's The Price Of Path Of Exile's Cartographer's Chisel?


~10.85 Cartographer's Chisels = 1 Chaos Orb

~561 Cartographer's Chisels = 1 Exalted Orb

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In Path Of Exile, When Should I Use Cartographer's Chisel?


According to my experience, I often use them on white maps so I can get 20% with 4 uses and then roll the map for good mods. And my rules to decide whether I use this item or not are:

    -20% Level 72 Maps and up and alch them
    -If a Map drops and already has quality, get it as close to 20% and then alch it

And usually, for those much lower leveled maps generally, Level 66 to 69, don't need quality on them to drop Maps. As long as a 66-69 has around 20-30% Item Quantity from mods, and that is quite fairly challenging, you'll be "guaranteed" another Map drop. This is where you begin making your Map pool bigger.

How To Farm Cartographer's Chisel In Path Of Exile?


Method 1: The drop level of Cartographer's Chisel is 52 and the drop rate is around 2.754%. And for you can get it by killing enemies.

Method 2: You can sell a map with 20% quality to an NPC named Zana, a Master Cartographer, in order to get 1 Cartographer's Chisel. You can also sell several maps with total quality of at least 40% to get one. Please keep in mind that she could only be encountered in the wild in maps.

Method 3: You could sell a Gavel, Rock Breaker, or Stone Hammer with 20% quality along with any map item to Zana to get 1 Chisel in return.

Method 4: By doing Chisel Recipe could also grant you a Cartographer's Chisel, you can get it by doing the above 20% quality map vendor recipes.

Method 5: Path of Exile Chisel Prophecy, the Beautiful Guide is a sealed prophecy, and your aim is to use Cartographer's Chisel on any map, and then the reward is, increasing the map's quality to 20% with a single Cartographer's Chisel.

Method 6: You also can get Cartographer's Chisel by using the Divination Card. And here is the image for your reference:

How To Get Cartographer's Chisel

Method 7: You can exchange Path of Exile Currency Items for it. The ratio of Chaos Orb to Cartographer's Chisel is about 1: 11.

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How To Use Cartographer's Chisel In PoE?


Cartographer's Chisel in Path of Exile are quite valuable, therefore, it would be a perfect choice to use them mostly on red (Tier 11-15) maps. By doing that way you will get the best returns for your investments.

Moreover, you can increase the quality of a map to up to 20%. And quality increases the quantity of items that drop in the map.

As you know, one PoE Cartographer's Chisel adds 1% quality to a RARE or UNIQUE map, 2% quality to a MAGIC map, and 5% quality to a NORMAL rarity map. Therefore, it is the most efficient to add quality before you use an Orb of Alchemy or Orb of Transmutation on the map.