PoE Guide: Everything About Stacked Deck In Path Of Exile You Need To Aware

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Path of Exile Stacked Deck


Cheap Poe Currency QSD 01: What's The Stacked Deck In Path Of Exile?


Here comes the official statement says that a Stacked Deck is a Path of Exile Currency item that could be used to acquire one random divination. The chance of getting any divination card is determined using weighting based on normal drop weighting, however, this is much better. According to the card creator Noshei, this is much comparable to The Gambler, but has a significantly higher chance of rewarding much higher-end divination cards.

QSD 02: How To Farm Stacked Deck In PoE?


About how to farm Stacked Deck in Path of Exile? Here are some methods you can follow:

1): You can farm Stacked Deck by killing monsters.

As you can see, you can farm Stacked Decks by killing monsters in any zone. The lowest level of dropping Stacked Deck is 50.

2): Gilded Fossil already has a chance (NOT GUARANTEED)

They might also rarely be obtained when you are selling an item enchanted with a Gilded Fossil to a vendor. Gilded Fossil adds an implicit mod with the description "Item sells for much more to vendors". And the Spawn Weight for 3 x Stacked Decks is 1000.

3): You can exchange currency for Stacked Deck

As you can see, the price of a Stacked Deck is 2 Chaos Orbs. And you can get it by exchanging currency items with some other players.

Here comes Stacked Deck Acquisition:

How To Get Stacked Deck In Path of Exile

4): Last but not least, the price of Stacked Deck is $1.44/100 on EZNPC, and this website provides various cheap and legit PoE currency to buy. Start to enjoy PoE by owning safe Path of Exile Stacked Deck.

QSD 03: What Is The Odds Of Stacked Deck In Path Of Exile?


As you can see, Stacked Deck does NOT use a flat odds when determining the divination card you get when it is used. Grinding Gear Games balances divination card rarity and then drops location around how common they want the item they offer to be. Grinding Gear Games does not want things just like Mirror of Kalandra (divination card: House of Mirrors),Headhunter (divination card: The Demon, The Doctor, The Fiend), and so on to become significantly more common.

Compared to The Gamber for a quite random divination card, Stack Deck has a significantly much higher odds of rewarding higher-end divination cards.

Check Down Below And You Will Notice Stacked Deck Rewards Only One Random Divination Card And Its Reference Value"

Here Comes Path of Exile Stacked Deck Rewards 1 Random Divination Card And Its Reference Value

QSD 04: How To Use Stacked Deck In PoE?


Just right-click to take a divination card out of the deck. And then you can use.

About Stacked Deck Sell Or Use?

From my point of view, I'd like to use it instead of selling it. The Stacked Deck price is about 2 Chaos Orbs and it takes a lot of time to sell. While you are using it have the chance to get a divination card just like House of Mirrors, The Doctor, The Fiend, etc., anyway it is worth gambling. Using them is quite fun.