Path Of Exile Guide: PoE Jeweller's Orb | Definition, Price, Farm And More

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As you know, dropping a solid piece of armor or abandoning a weapon with an inadequate amount of sockets, or undesirable socket links is the most common occurrence in Path of Exile. Fortunately, if an item is worthy enough to warrant it, there exists a way of re-rolling the number of sockets it has. However, this is done by using the Path of Exile Jeweller's Orb on it. And speaking of PoE Jeweller's Orb, now let's dive into learning this amazing Path of Exile item.

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Q1: What Is Jeweller's Orb In Path Of Exile?

In Path of Exile, a Jeweller's Orb is another currency item that could be used to re-roll the number of sockets on a piece of armour or a weapon. The maximum number of sockets right now is still limited by the type of equipment and item level. Cut a long story short, you can change the number of sockets on an item once you use a Jeweller's Orb.

Q2: What's The Price Of Jeweller's Orb In Path Of Exile?

1 Jeweller's Orb = 0.0556 Chaos Orb

1 Jeweller's Orb = 0.0011 Exalted Orb

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Q3: How To Get The Path Of Exile Jeweller's Orb Recipes?

About The PoE Jeweller's Orb Recipe, you can check the following image:

PoE 6 Sockets Recipe for Jeweller's Orb

As you can see, there is a 6 sockets vendor recipe for getting 7 Jeweller's Orbs. If the item's link is less than 5, that means you can sell this to any vendor for a considerable profit.

Q4: How To Farm Jeweller's Orb In Path Of Exile?

(1.): The drop level of Jeweller's Orb is 8 and the drop rate is about 5.5%. You can farm the PoE currency by killing monsters, open Arcanist's Strongboxes and destroy chests.


(2.): You get 7 Jeweller's Orbs by selling an item with 6 sockets to an NPC named Yeena.


(3.): You also can get One Jeweller's Orb by selling One Orb of Fusing and One Chromatic Orb; however, this is a downgrade vendor recipe,not so recommended.


(4.): It's also doable to purchase Jeweller's Orbs from NPC-s for 2 Orb of Alteration each if needed, however, you should aware that this is not the most optimal compared to the usual market rate.

(5.): You can exchange Chaos Orbs or other currency items for Jeweller's Orbs with other players. In the player market, the ratio of Jeweller's Orb to Fusing Orb is 1:0.2875. Meanwhile, Jeweller's Orb to Chaos Orb ratio is 1:0.0588.

(6.): 5 Emperor's Lucks can be exchanged for 5 random Orbs, Jeweller's Orb as a quite common currency often pops up from this exchange.

(7.): Another method to get Jeweller's Orb is by using Prophecy, and here is the image for you to check:

Earn Jeweller's Orb By Using Related Prophecy

(8.): There are divination cards that offer items with a high number of sockets and links. With these items in hand, it will be much easier to get Path of Exile Jeweller's Orb.

Getting Jeweller's Orb By Using Divination Card

(9.): The price of Jeweller's Orb is $0.207/100 on EZNPC, and this website offers various legit and cheap Path of Exile currency to buy. Start to enjoy PoE by buying a safe PoE Jeweller's Orb.

Q5: How To Use Jeweller's Orb In PoE?

①. As you know, Jeweller's orbs are not too valuable, but you'd better keep them until you get to the endgame, when they get a lot more useful than before.

②. Jeweller's Orbs are primarily used to randomly change the number of sockets an item, subject to the limitations enforced by the item's item level. If an item has some quality, each 1% quality improves the result by 1%. And that is also means, making the process of crafting sockets is 20% easier on 20% quality items.

    -②(01.). The sockets of an item reforged by a Jeweller's Orb also come with random links and colors. A Jeweller's orb will always roll a different number of sockets then the item had originally, but will not reroll an item with maximum sockets. And the maximum sockets is 6.
    -②(02.). Generally speaking, the exact opportunity of obtaining a given number of sockets is unknown, but in the case of weapons the following is known:


The Chances Of Obtaining A Given Number Of Weapons In PoE

③. Each percent of quality on the item improves the chance of getting more sockets by 1%. So always use your Armourer's Scraps and Blacksmith's Whetstones before trying to get 5 or 6 sockets.

④. In general, if the item has a 20% quality, you can get 3 sockets quite easily. As a matter of fact, the chance is quite random. According to a test, the opportunity of getting 5 sockets is around 1.63%, you need approximately 70 Jeweller's Orb, getting 6 sockets is around 0.33%. In other words, using approximately 350 Jeweller's Orb you might get 6 sockets.

⑤. If one player is risk-averse and wants to avoid randomness, he/she can instead use the Crafting Bench recipe found in Delve mine. Using the Bench to craft sockets overrides the item level socket restrictions (i.e. it is possible to craft 6 sockets on an item level 1 body armour).

    -⑤(01.). Here is the image of different Jeweller's Orbs create different amount of sockets in different levels.

different Jeweller's Orbs create different amount of sockets in different levels

⑥. You can exchange currency items from vendor, the NPC Yeena lives in Act 2 who sells an Orb of Fusing in exchange for 4 Jeweller’s Orb. And she also sells Chromatic Orb in exchange for 3 Jeweller's Orb.

Well, everybody, that's a wrap, that's a wrap about the Jeweller's Orb in Path of Exile. We will keep updating this post once new news or changes about Jeweller's Orb is officially released.