Path of Exile Guide: PoE Blacksmith's Whetstone Farming Price & More

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PoE Blacksmith's Whetstone


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Question 01: What's The Blacksmith's Whetstone In Path Of Exile?


Want to know what is Blacksmith's Whetstone in Path of Exile? Well, here comes the official definition; a Blacksmith's Whetstone is a Path of Exile Currency item that could be used to improve the quality of a weapon. And each whetstone applied to a weapon will increase its quality by up to 5%, of course, depending on its rarity. Cut a long story short, you can use Blacksmith's Whetstones to increase the quality of a weapon, increasing the amount of damage it does. And the weapon includes Axes, Bows, Claws, Daggers, Fishing Rods, Maces, Sceptres, Staves, Swords,and Wands.

Question 02: What's The Price Of Blacksmith's Whetstone In PoE?


1 Blacksmith's Whetstone = 0.0264 Chaos Orb

1 Blacksmith's Whetstone = 0.001 Exalted Orb

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Question 03: How To Use Vendor Recipes To Get Blacksmith's Whetstone In Path Of Exile?


1. In order to get Blacksmith's Whetstone, you can use Path of Exile weapon vendor recipe, here comes the screenshot for you to check:

Getting Blacksmith's Whetstone By Using Vendor Recipe

When done for multiple instances of the recipe at once, you should keep in mind that each individual combination must add up to 40%, for instance, 7,9,13,15,17,19, would sum up to 80, but would not grant 2 of the resulting quality items, only 1 just because the individual combinations do not add up to 40 each one.

2. You also could get Blacksmith's Whetstone by using the Beastcrafting crafting recipe, and here instructs how you do that:

Beastcrafting is a way of crafting by sacrificing beasts to the blood altar in the Menagerie. And you should aware that each beastcrafting recipe requires at least four beasts to be sacrificed, with most of them needing one specific Red Beast and three Rare Beasts. Then the four chosen beasts are released into the arena surrounding the blood altar and they must be killed in order to complete that recipe. Gamers need to notice if the player dies during the attempt, then the recipe will be failed and the beasts are lost.

If a Path of Exile item is created, and the resulting item level is equal to the level of the main beast sacrificed. Those recipes that create unique items could generate league-specific uniques. The below table shows the resulting crafts when you are sacrificing to the blood altar.

The Crafts When Sacrificing To The Blood Altar In Path of Exile

3. Want to get Blacksmith's Whetstone, how about exchanging currency items from the vendor?

Exchange Currency Items From The Vendor To Get Blacksmith's Whetstone

4. Here come the Blacksmith's Whetstone related vendor recipes, follow these recipes will also grant you some Blacksmith's Whetstone. Check and follow:

Get Blacksmith's Whetstone By Using Some Related Vendor Recipes In PoE

Question 04: How To Farm Blacksmith's Whetstone In PoE?


①The drop level of Blacksmith's Whetstone is 1 and it has a quite relatively high drop rate. And you can farm it by killing monsters very easily.

②You can follow the above vendor recipes to get Blacksmith's Whetstone.

③You can buy 1 Blacksmith's Whetstone from an NPC (named Greust lives in The Forest Encampment in Act 2.) for 3 Armourer's Scraps.

④Use PoE Blacksmith Whetstone Prophecy

The sharpened Blade is a prophecy

And your goal is to use Blacksmith's Whetstone on any weapon.

And for the reward you will get: Increases weapon's quality to 20% with just a single Blacksmith’s Whetstone.

⑤You can exchange currency item for Whetstone, in-game, you can exchange currency items for Blacksmith’s Whetstone with other players. For instance, the ration of Chaos Orb to Blacksmith’s Whetstone is 1:36

⑥Use Divination Card will also grant you some Blacksmith’s Whetstone. Check the following screenshot:

Get Blacksmith’s Whetstone By Using Divination Card In PoE

Path of Exile Currency includes Armourer's Scrap, Blacksmith's Whetstone, Cartographer's Chisel, Gemcutter's Prism, and Glassblower's Bauble.

⑦You even can sell a weapon with 20% quality to an NPC to get ONE Blacksmith's Whetstone. Alternatively, you can sell some weapons with a total quality of at least 40% to get ONE. However, you should keep in mind these methods are likely never worth it because Blacksmith's Whetstones are almost worthless.

⑧By the end game, you can easily find these will be so common loot drops, that you will find more than you will ever need.

⑨Last but not least, the price of Blacksmith's Whetstone is $0.297/100 on EZNPC, and this website offers various legit and cheap PoE currency to buy. Start to enjoy PoE by owning a safe Path of Exile Blacksmith's Whetstone.

Question 05: How To Use Blacksmith's Whetstone In Path Of Exile?


No.1: Since Blacksmith's Whetstones are very cheap, you can use them as you like, although you possibly will not have enough of them to use on every PoE item while you are leveling.

No.2: By using Blacksmith's Whetstones you can increase the quality of a weapon to up to 20%. Quality only increases the Physical Damage of a weapon, which is shown on the first line of the item description.

No.3: Some characters in Path of Exile, for example, spellcasters, don't care about the weapon's physical damage at all, in which case quality will offer no benefit.

No.4: In Path of Exile, one Blacksmith's Whetstone adds 1% quality to a RARE or UNIQUE item, 2% quality to a MAGIC item, and 5% quality to a NORMAL rarity item. Therefore, if you are now crafting something, then it is the most efficient to add quality before you turn the item into a much higher rarity.

No.5: When Path of Exile is in the end game, you might notice that Blacksmith's Whetstones can be used in creating another, more valuable currency easily, and that is Cartographer's Chisels. And if you strive to increase the quality of a Gavel (a type of one-handed Mace), Rock Breaker, or Stone Hammer to 20% and then sell it to an NPC along with any Map item, then in return, you will get 1 Chisel.

Well, that is everything about Blacksmith's Whetstone in Path of Exile. If you find any other information about this item we left out, welcome to contact us and we will get this post updated in time and offer you some coupons.