Path Of Exile Guide: Everything About Orb Of Augmentation

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Orb Of Augmentation In Path of Exile


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OOA 01: What's The Orb Of Augmentation In Path Of Exile?


As you can see that an Orb of Augmentation is a Path of Exile Currency item that usually could be used to enhance a piece of magic equipment with just an additional random affix. And that could only be used on an item with just one affix, since you know magic items cold have at most one prefix and one suffix. Anyway, cut a long story short, when you are playing Path of Exile, you can use an Orb of Augmentation to add a mod to a magic item!

OOA 02: What's The Price Of Orb Of Augmentation In PoE?

1 Orb Of Augmentation = 0.1111 Chaos Orb
1 Orb Of Augmentation = 0.0006 Exalted Orb

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OOA 03: How To Farm Orb Of Augmentation In Path Of Exile?


Here are some methods for you guys about how to farm Orb Of Augmentation in Path Of Exile?

The very first one is: Killing Monsters:

The drop level of Orb of Augmentation is 1 and its drop rate is about 10.328%. You can obtain that quite easily by slain monsters, chests, and some destructible containers. Meanwhile, those monsters also drop from Arcanist's Strongboxes.

The second one is: Making Vendor Recipes:

You can get Orb Of Augmentation by doing the following vendor recipe.

The third one is: Purchasing From Vendor

You can use 4 Orbs of Transmutation to get 1 Orb of Augmentation, that is to say:

1x Orb of Augmentation = 4x Orb of Transmutation

An NPC, named Nessa, who lives in Act 1, sells an Orb of Augmentation in exchange for 4 Orbs of Transmutation.

The fourth one is: Buying Cheap Orb of Augmentation

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The fifth one is: Trading Currency for it

You could also exchange Path of Exile Currency items for it with other players. The following is the reference price list.

Here comes Orb of Augmentation Price for you to check:

The Price Of Orb of Augmentation In Path of Exile

The Value Of Orb Of Augmentation In PoE :

The first point is: As you know, Orbs of Augmentation are most often used to add an additional affix to a magic item with just only one affix. Orbs of Augmentation are commonly and used frequently by all players, often in conjunction with an Orb of Transmutation and Orbs of Alteration.

The second point is: When you are in low levels or races, they might be used to craft useful magic items quickly before stronger rare items could be found to replace them. They are also used on strongboxes to potentially improve the items dropped. Once you are at high levels, Orbs of Augmentation are used in conjunction with Orbs of Alteration to craft magic items with top-tier affixes as the very first step in a long crafting process to produce a high-end rare item in Path of Exile. They are also used to craft desirable affixes on maps.

The third point is: You can trade for other currency items with players. Right now, 38 Orbs of Augmentation could be easily exchanged for a Chaos Orb.

The fourth point is: Exchange with Neesa (Act 1), you can use 4 Orbs of Augmentation to get an Orb of Alteration.

OOA 04: How To Use Vendor Recipe To Get Orb Of Augmentation In PoE?


Right now, you could do the following vendor recipe to get Orbs of Augmentation. And the best strategy is by selling rare items with six modifiers.

Orb Of Augmentation Vendor Recipes In Path of Exile

OOA 05: How To Craft A Magic Item In Path Of Exile?


(1): Magic Item:

As you can see, magic item has up to one prefix and one suffix. A magic item with only either a prefix or suffix property could have a second property of the missing type added to it just by using an Orb of Augmentation. The affixes could be rerolled with an Orb of Alteration.

And for you, you can upgrade a white item to a magic item by using an Orb of Transmutation. A magic item could be upgraded into a rare item by using a Regal Orb (It will retain its current affixes and one brand new affix will be added).

(2): Orb Of Augmentation:

An Orb of Augmentation in Path of Exile is a currency item that could be used to enhance a piece of magic equipment with an additional random affix. That could only be used on an item with just one affix, since magic items could have at most just one prefix and one suffix. Which this paragraph has already been said in the very first paragraph.

Catalyst Quality in Path of Exile

In PoE, catalysts are Currency items that add quality to an amulet, belt, or ring. For instance, Turbulent Catalyst adds a quality that chances Elemental Damage modifiers.

(3): The Comparison Of Orb Of Augmentation VS Orb of Alteration

① Theboth apply for magic item. Orb of Augmentation could only be applied to a magic item with one modifier. However, Orb of Alteration could apply for any magic items.

② As you can see, for a magic item with one modifier, Orb of Augmentation adds a new random modifier. Orb of Alteration rerolls the item randomly, and the brand new magic item have two modifiers or just only has one modifier.

③ If an Orb of Alteration reforges a magic item with just one awesome affix, then you can apply Orb of Augmentation to enchant a brand new random modifier. On the contrary, if the resulting of Orb of Augmentation is bad, that means you can use Orb of Alteration rerolls it.

④ Nessa (Act 1) sells an Orb of Alteration in exchange for four Orbs of Augmentation.

(4): The Crafting Recipes In Path Of Exile

Here comes the following vendor recipes add or just remove modifiers on items:

Path of Exile Vendor Recipes Add Or Remove Modifiers On Items

OOA 06: How To Use Orb Of Augmentation In PoE?


No.1: Orbs of Augmentation are common and inexpensive. Therefore, you can feel free to use them as you like when you are leveling.

No.2: Path of Exile magic items could have up to two mods: A prefix and a suffix. Some mods (for example. + XX life) are always prefixes and some others (for example + XX% resistances) are always suffixes.

No.3: If a magic item only has either the prefix or the suffix, then you can add the other one by using an Orb of Augmentation.

No.4: Flasks in Path of Exile do not have the RARE rarity. After you upgrade one to MAGIC rarity by using an Orb of Transmutation and it is missing a mod, you can add the other one by using an Orb of Augmentation.

No.5: A much longer endgame crafting process often involves using many Orbs of Alteration to reroll the mods of a MAGIC item, if necessary, adding the missing mod with an Orb of Augmentation. Later you could use a Regal Orb to upgrade that to RARE.